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Spruce No. 1 Mine 404(c) Public Hearing

Spruce No. 1 Mine

The purpose of the public hearing was to obtain public testimony or comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s 404(c) action on the Spruce No. 1 Mine project. The Regional Administrator determined that the public hearing was in the public interest.  As a result, a hearing was held to obtain comments on whether the proposed determination should become the final determination and on corrective action that could be taken to reduce the adverse impact of the discharge.

Members of the public were encouraged to attend the public hearing on May 18, 2010 at the Charleston Civic Center. Registering ahead of time was recommended for everyone, but especially for those planning to make oral comments, due to time and room capacity limitations. Oral statements were limited to two minutes per person. There was no cross examination of any hearing participant. Written comments were also received and became part of the official record of the Public Hearing.

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