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May 29, 1998

EPA Cleanup to Begin at North Penn Superfund Site

PHILADELPHIA - Cleanup activities are scheduled to begin next month at one of the six Superfund hazardous waste sites located in the North Penn area.

The site, designated as North Penn Area 1, is located in Souderton, Montgomery County. The area is contaminated with volatile organic compounds, mainly solvents,
from two former dry cleaning businesses and a knitting mill. The soil will be excavated and a groundwater extraction system will be installed in June. The system will draw groundwater out of the underground aquifer so that the contaminants can be removed. The work will performed by a contractor that will be overseen by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

About 250 cubic yards of soil, about 20 truckloads, will be excavated from the Granite Knitting Mills and Gentle Cleaners properties and it will be disposed of off site.
While the excavation is in progress, the properties will be fenced off. Once the soil has been removed, the site will be refilled with clean soil, graded and seeded.

Parking for residents of the apartment building on the site will be restricted. To minimize the loss of parking next to the Gentle Cleaners only one truck will be loaded at a time. Traffic control will be conducted in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation regulations.

This cleanup is expected to be completed by the end of the summer. The EPA is planning to hold an informational public meeting before construction activities begin. A
public notice will be made to advise citizens about the time and place of the meeting.