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Topic: Vampire Energy: Countess Drainawatts Meets Wanda WaterSense
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Time: 02:53

Date: October 29, 2013

[wind and wolves howl, spooky music]

Host:  There's a vampire on the loose in your home, work, or even school…draining energy wherever it can, including from your water heater! Water heating is the second-largest energy use in homes, and can cost a household up to $600 per year. Today, we join Wanda WaterSense, who is about to leave her home for work, when she hears the shower in her bathroom has been running for a very…long…time….

[shower running]

Wanda WaterSense:  Who is that in my shower?


Countess Drainawatts: I am Countess Drainawatts.  As the water heater heats up, it uses more and more energy. Long live the hot, hot shower.  And, what's even better Darling, look at all that perfectly clean water going down the drain! Fabulous!


WandaWatersense:   Oh, no! Our energy and water bills will skyrocket. What shall I do?

[heroic horns!]

Alexander Van Savings:  I am Alexander Van Savings. I will help you slay this notorious vampire who is draining the energy and water from your home. Wasteful water practices are just like wasteful energy practices!  You shouldn't leave the light on in your bathroom if you're not in there, right?

Wanda WaterSense:  Definitely not!

Alexander Van Savings: Should you leave the faucet on when you're brushing your teeth?

WandaWatersense: No way!

Alexander Van Savings:  Well, then you should "Shower Better"!

WandaWatersense:   How about using WaterSense products from your local home improvement store.  Toilets, faucets, and shower heads with the WaterSense label work just as well, but use 20% less water! By replacing just one showerhead with a WaterSense-labeled model, EPA estimates the average family can save nearly 3,000 gallons of water, and save more than $70 dollars in energy and water costs every year.

Alexander Van Savings: Good thinking!  We'll plug in an Energy Star rated hot water heater! Shield your family with "Shower Better" practices that will conserve water and use less electricity. It's our best defense against the relentless Countess Drainawatts!


Countess Drainawatts:  NO! NO! I have been foiled again. Where will I get my energy now?

Host: Another enlightening experience with Countess Drainawatts, Alexander Van Savings, and our new hero, WandaWatersense. The friendly folks from the EPA's WaterSense and Energy Star programs remind you to "Shower Better." 
Go to epa.gov/watersense for more information and thanks to our listeners for joining us for Environment Matters.

[music fades]

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