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Environment Matters
EPA Region 3
Topic: Indicators of a Changing climate in the Mid-Atlantic
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Date: May 22, 2013

Megan Goold: These twenty-six indicators are really showing some compelling evidence that there are changes going on in our climate.

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Lena: I'm Lena Kim and welcome to Environment Matters, EPA's series of environmental podcasts.  EPA provides useful information about Climate Change on its website.   Today, Megan Goold,  EPA's  Climate Change Coordinator in the Mid-Atlantic office talks about EPA's 2012 Climate Indicators report, what it tells us, and why would want to check it out. Megan, what makes this report so interesting?

Megan Goold: What's interesting about that is you can open the report and look at maps and see oh this is where I live and it shows a warming trend for temperature or its showing that we're receiving more precipitation. For coastal communities you can look at sea level rise. And more specific geographic areas for those living in the Mid Atlantic the sea level has risen most relative to land in the Mid Atlantic as well as along the gulf coast. And so those families and communities that live close to the shore or close to the coastal areas this is something that they are concern about. They are seeing sea level rise which is the highest across the country. There is more risk for those communities that live close to sea, close the coast particularly if there are large storms. Storms serge that the sea already a few inches higher there is more venerably there in term of storms serge and large coastal flooding. This report doesn't provide predictions - - it really just looking at data; historically and up to 2011 so and it's really telling us what's happening on the grounds and what's happening in the past in terms of these twenty-six indicators.  

Lena:  So the 2012 report shows changes in 26 areas, that is… 26 indicators - - over the past 25, 50 or 100 years,

Megan Goold: Really, we're trying to catalog what's happening across our country in terms of climate and the changes that we are seeing.  Climate change is important to our eco system and human health.  

Lena:  Megan defines climate and weather - - to help us understand the difference.

Megan Goold:  Weather is the sort of the daily experience that we see; climate is really a longer time period so you're looking at trends over 100 years, 50 years to see what the climate is in a certain area.

Lena: To learn more, go to EPA's climate change website, at www.epa.gov\climatechange .

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Lena: Or, the U.S. Global Climate Change Research Program website at www.globalchange.gov . Again, that's EPA's climate change website or U.S. Global Change Research Program to learn about what's happening in your part of the country and what communities are doing to adapt to these changes. Thank you, Megan, and thank you for listening to Environment Matters.

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