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Environment Matters
EPA Region 3
Topic: Food Recovery Challenge
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Date: September 22, 2011

Mike Frankel:  Food waste and hunger, two issues that go hand in hand. But why is EPA interested?

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I'm Mike Frankel, and welcome to "Environment Matters," our series of podcasts. Every year, supermarkets throw out, on average, a hundred thousand pounds of food waste. The term is deceiving because most of it is still edible, healthy, nutritious food. What drives this is corporate guidelines , for safety reasons. By diverting this food to hunger relief organizations and food banks in your community, food can be brought to the needy as opposed to being sent to landfills where it quickly decomposes and releases methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas.

So EPA has launched the Food Recovery Challenge to take care of two important issues and two important needs. By working with supermarkets and hunger relief organizations and food banks, across the mid-Atlantic and across the country, EPA is working to divert food, which otherwise would have gone to landfills, to food banks who can put that healthy food onto people's tables. What can't be salvaged and sent to people's homes is often used for animal feed or can be sent to composters and turned back into a rich nutrient back to feed the soil. So if we can't feed your family, food diversion can feed families and our livestock populations.

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For more information about EPA's Food Recovery Challenge, go to www.epa.gov and search for "Food Recovery Challenge." Thanks for being with us today on "Environment Matters."

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