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Environment Matters Audio Podcast

Environment Matters
EPA Region 3
Topic: Pollution Prevention for Businesses
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Date: September 20, 2013


Host: Hello, I'm Lena Kim, and welcome to Environment Matters, EPA's series of environmental podcasts.  Preventing pollution before it occurs is an essential part of protecting our planet and our health.  It's that simple. 

Our guest, Mindee Lemoine manages EPA's mid-Atlantic region's pollution prevention program.  She oversees several technical assistance programs that work directly with businesses, both large AND small, to save money and to do business more strategically.

Mindee encourages businesses to work directly with technical assistance providers in their state.  Tell us more about these programs, Mindee…

Mindee Lemonie: EPA has developed a number of programs and projects that support pollution prevention.  Some of them are the network of technical assistance providers that we support with funding at the state and university level. There is a program that is called Energy Environment and Economy which is a program that provides assessments to manufacturers and then links it to the funding opportunities within different agencies, different federal agencies.
We have Green Chemistry and Green Engineering programs that help companies, help manufactures with the technical innovation of what chemicals can I substitute for another, and also how do I do the manufacturing in the most effective way.

Host:  Why do you have State Leadership programs if your focus is on businesses, large and small?

Mindee Lemonie: We support State Leadership Programs that recognize companies within the state for innovations and then publicize it so that they get recognition from consumers. And we also support Labeling Programs such as the Design for the Environment program which does the work of life cycle assessment, where they look at the whole manufacturing distribution waste disposal process, and can give a check mark to the companies or the products that are most protective of the environment and effective.

Host: EPA's pollution prevention programs provide assistance, incentives and opportunities for funding. Anything else?

Mindee Lemonie: The great thing about it is that people end up then saving money in the manufacturing, saving money, energy, etc. rather than spending money to make something which creates a lot of waste and then spending money to dispose of the waste.  It's really a strategic, smart way to work.

Host: As we are seeing the effects of extreme weather, now more than ever, is a good time for businesses, large and small, to find new ways to save energy, save money and prevent pollution. For more information on these technical assistance programs you can go to EPA P2, the letter P and the number 2, which stands for Pollution Prevention. Or visit the Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse at epa.gov/ppic. 

Mindee thank you.  And thank YOU for listening to Environment Matters.


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