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Environment Matters Audio Podcast

Environment Matters Special Halloween Edition 2012
EPA Region 3
Topic: Vampire Energy: Alexander Van Savings meets Countess "DrainaWatts"
Size: : 4,021k
Time: 04:18

Date: October 10, 2012

(wind howls, wolves howl)

Lena:  There's a vampire Exit EPA Click for Disclaimeron the loose in your home, work, even school.

(spooky music)

This vampire is taking a bite out of your piggy bank and slowly draining your energy. Running out for garlic or a wooden stake is not the answer in making this villain go away.  

Lena:  This is Lena Kim from the Environmental Protection Agency and welcome to Environment Matters, our series of podcasts.  I’m reporting live from somebody’s home in Anywhere, USA with Alexander von Savings and Countess DrainaWatts who both have agreed to talk about this strange phenomenon called vampire energy.  Countess Drainawatts, why are you here?

(thunder clap)

Countess:  I am Countess Drainawatts.  I gain my power while you are sleeping, when you go to work, or doing the shopping.  That cell phone charger you left in the wall, I drain its power for me, and only me.  Those sleeping computers and cable boxes left plugged in, all that energy is seeping to me to me.  When your switch goes off, it is feeding time for me.  (eerie laugh)

Lena: Folks, Countess DrainaWatts speaks the scary truth, The average U.S. household spends $100 every year to power devices while they are off  - -or in standby mode.  On a national basis, standby power accounts for more than 100 billion kilowatt hours of annual U.S. electricity consumption. That’s $10 billion in annual energy costs. Yet, have no fear because Alexander Van Savings is here!   Mr. Van Savings, please tell our audience what they can do.

Alexander Van Savings:   Whether you're at work, school, at home or even out on the town, this vampire is taking a bite out of your wallet and harming the environment.   I am Alexander Van Savings and I will help you slay the notorious Countess Drainawatts.

(thunder clap)

Countess DrainaWatts: What can you do, you miserable “tree hugger.” My energy is becoming stronger and stronger. (eerie laugh).

When I walk through your home at night (creepy creaking)  with the lights off, my path is lit by the eerie glow of “standby” lights and digital displays on various appliances and electronic devices.  Your energy is not safe, with me, my friend.   Countess Drainawatts is draining the energy seeping from your appliances.

Lena: Pardon me Countess, you had your turn!    Mr.Van Savings please continue on how our audience can rid vampire energy from their homes. 

Alexander Van Savings: First, pull the plugs.   Unplug: cell phone chargers, camera chargers, battery chargers, power adapters.  And, my friends, never leave a charger out to hang on a wall by itself, not connected to anything; alone, vulnerable, its energy waiting to be drained.

Second, unsheathe the power strips; Use a power strip as a central "turn off" point when you are done using your home electronics.  

Finally, stake out Energy Star products. Buy appliances like refrigerators, computers, and dishwashers, even light bulbs that reveal the mighty and protective Energy Star label. It’s our best defense against the relentless Countess Drainawatts!

(thunder clap)

Countess DrainaWatts: NO!! NO!!  Where will I get my energy now?

Lena: Well, this has been an enlightening (thunder clap) experience with Countess DrainaWatts and Alexander von Savings.

Do your part to battle vampire energy.  Visit Energy Star.gov for more information, and thanks to our listeners for joining us on Environment Matters.

(creepy music)

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