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Environment Matters Podcast

Topic: Earth Day – Kids Making a Difference
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Date: May 18, 2009

This year marks the 39th anniversary of Earth Day, and now more than ever, our nation’s children are keenly aware of the fragility of our planet Earth and the responsibility they share in protecting it. 

So, we asked the children of some of EPA’s employees “What are they doing to help protect the environment?”    

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Host:  Hi. I'm Lena Kim of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Mid-Atlantic region, and welcome to Environment Matters – our series of podcasts.

We learned that these kids are well versed in the three ‘Rs’ – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Hi my name is Chris.  My mom works at the EPA.  I celebrate Earth Day everyday by reusing and recycling plastic, bottles, paper, and by shutting by off the lights.

Hi.  I am Dakota.  I am 6 years old.  My mom works as a scientist for EPA.   I attend
Springside School.  I protect the Earth by recycling and not wasting water and electricity.

Host:  So you’ve heard from some of our younger children. 

Chris and Dakota understand that they can make a difference in preserving our planet by conserving water and energy, and reducing trash waste. 

Nathan and Isabella point out that riding a bike, rather than taking a car, is another fun way to help clean our air.

Hi.  My name is Nathan, and I am 8 years old.  My mom works at the EPA.  I think Earth Day is very important.  I help the environment by walking or riding my bike instead of using a car. 

Hi, I’m Isabella.  I’m a 4th grader at Woodcrest Elementary School.  My dad is an engineer at EPA.  These are some of the ways that I protect the Earth.  First, me and my dad always go on a bike ride around our neighborhood so we can pick up trash.  We shouldn’t take a car because that pollutes the air and hurts our Earth.  Second, I always recycle everything including cans, plastic, even paper.  And always remember to reduce reuse and recycle – the three ‘Rs’. 

Host:  Research shows that kids, especially informed teenagers, can influence their families’ awareness and level of care for the environment.  And that’s great news because with kids insisting their families reduce, reuse and recycle, the message – as Rose and Christina point out – becomes loud and clear. 

Hi.  My name is Rose and I attend Villa Joseph Marie High School in Holland, Pennsylvania.  At Villa, everyone recycles paper and plastic, and turns off lights when leaving an empty room.  At home, all kitchen waste goes to the compost pile.  The dark, rich soil is great for my mom’s raspberry garden.

Hi.  This is Kristina and my mom Laura works in the Hazardous Site Cleanup Division.  We celebrate Earth Day everyday by recycling all cans, bottles and paper.  We also reuse things a lot so that we don’t just throw them away. 

Host:  For more information about ways you can help protect the environment at school and at home, go to www.epa.gov

Thanks for joining us on Environment Matters.

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