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Environment Matters Podcast

Environment Matters Podcast
EPA Region 3
Topic: Put Your Home On An Energy Diet  - Halloween Special Edition
Date: October 31, 2008
Time: 02:57
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Lena Kim:  Frightened by the thought of heating your homes and businesses this winter?  Well you can escape ghastly high heating bills if you take some simple steps to save energy. 

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Lena Kim:  Hi. I'm Lena Kim of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Mid-Atlantic region, and welcome to Environment Matters – our Halloween special edition podcast.

As our nation is shifting to a green culture, more people are making changes in their homes and businesses to help protect the environment.  Winter is fast approaching, and the EPA encourages you to put your house on an energy diet.

You can start by replacing light bulbs with ENERGY STAR bulbs. ENERGY STAR lights are compact fluorescent bulbs with the ENERGY STAR logo.

These cost-effective lights use one-third the energy of traditional lighting and last six to 10 times longer.

Using an ENERGY STAR light can prevent 500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions - - as good for our environment as not driving for two whole weeks.

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Lena Kim:  Winterize your home by sealing cracks and openings around doors and windows that allow heat to escape. 

Get your heating furnace serviced and maintain it properly to keep the heating system operating efficiently.

Keep your fireplace damper closed until a fire is going.

These simple, low-cost steps will save you money while helping to save the earth.

Remember -- the less electricity you use, the better for the environment.  That's because most of the electricity in the United States is generated from fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, and oil.  These energy sources create air pollutants and greenhouse gases. 

So do your part to help the environment.  And while you're at it -- give a shout out to the Philadelphia Phillies.  This Halloween season, they have Monster victories to celebrate.

We're talking, of course, about the Phillies' blood thirsty World Series win!  But did you know they're champions for the environment, too?

The Phillies organization is one of 16 winners of EPA's national Green Power Leadership Awards.  That's because the Phillies purchase 100 percent of the electricity needed to power Citizens Bank Park from alternate sources of energy.  We call it Green Power. 

The Phillies' use of Green Power is avoiding carbon dioxide emissions of about 3,000 cars a year.  Go Phillies!

 For more information about how you can save energy and help the environment, go to www.epa.gov and look for the topic energy. 

Thanks for joining us on Environment Matters, this special Halloween edition podcasts.

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