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Business Assistance Center: Helping small businesses to understand and comply with environmental requirements.

Chesapeake Bay Program: An EPA/state collaboration that relies more on joint planning than enforcement to restore the Chesapeake bay.

Clean Cities: A voluntary program to promote the use of clean-burning alternatives to gasoline and diesel.

Clean School Bus Program: The goal of this national initiative is to improve air quality in communities and protect the health of school children and the general public.

Compliance Assistance: Portal to sector specific assistance and policy explanations.

Environmental Audits and Self-Disclosure: Real incentives for voluntary self-policing and reporting.

Auditing Roundtable A professional organization dedicated to the development and professional practice of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) auditing Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

Environmental Community Service: A guide to environmental community service. [PDF, 24 pages, 573K, about pdf]

e-Cycling: A federal-state partnership to increase recycling of unwanted computers and other electronic gear.

Energy Efficiency Tips: 10 simple steps we can all use to reduce waste of energy.

Energy Star: A federal program to help businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Energy Star Store Locator: Although qualified products can be found in most stores, some retailers have partnered with ENERGY STAR to label them in their stores.

Environmental Management System (EMS): An organized cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving processes and activities to better meet business and environmental goals through pollution prevention.

Green Communities: Five proven steps for communities to assess, plan and sustain more environmentally friendly communities.

Green Landscaping: Beneficial landscaping, environmentally friendly landscaping or sustainable landscaping.

HQ Voluntary Programs Page: An access page for EPA's agencywide voluntary programs.

Ozone Action Days: 10 things we can do to reduce ozone levels on hot, sunny days.

Pollution Prevention: Improving our environment by not creating pollution in the first place.

Public/Private partnerships for facilities improvement: How to use the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and private sector resources to finance needed treatment and upgrades.

Recycling: Reduction of municipal solid waste by resource segregation by families and businesses.

Recycling publications: There is an extensive list of solid waste publications available from EPA, many of which are available and can be viewed on the Internet.

Tools for Schools: Steps for school districts to improve indoor air quality.

Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program: The program will address pollution from diesel construction equipment and heavy-duty vehicles that are currently on the road today.

Waste Minimization: Helping businesses improve their bottom line and protect the environment.


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