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Regional Judicial Officer

Regional Judicial Officers perform adjudicatory functions and act as agency neutrals in administrative proceedings. Our regional Judicial Officer is Susan Schub. She has practiced exclusively as the RJO since 1994. As Agency Neutral she presides over the Region's Superfund lien proceedings and serves as the Region's Grant Disputes Decision Offical. Prior to becoming the RJO, her legal experience included working as an attorney in the EPA Office of Legal Support and in the in-house counsel's office of a large corporation. She has received training in conducting administrative hearings at the National Judicial College and the National Association of Hearing Officials traning conferences.

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Administrative Procedure Act Exit EPA Disclaimer

Consolidated Rules of Administrative Practice 40 CFR Part 22

Administrative Law Judges' Decisions and Orders


Susan Schub (schub.susan@epa.gov)
Regional Judicial Officer
Telephone: (404) 562-9586
Facsimile:   (404) 562-9598

Patricia Bullock (bullock.patricia@epa.gov)
Regional Hearing Clerk
Telephone: (404) 562-9511
Facsimile:   (404) 562-9598

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