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RCRA, OPA and PCB Enforcement and Compliance

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Overview of the Enforcement and Compliance Program

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) gives EPA the authority to control hazardous waste from the "cradle-to-grave." This includes the generation, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste.  EPA responsibilities under the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) include response (cleanup/containment/prevention action) and enforcement actions related to discharges and threatened discharges of oil or hazardous substances in the inland waters of the United States. Regarding PCBs,  EPA regulates the management, cleanup and disposal of PCB wastes and the management of PCB-containing materials and equipment still in use.

One goal of the RCRA and OPA Enforcement and Compliance Branch (ROECB) is to ensure an ever increasing level of compliance within the regulated community and to discourage non-compliant behavior through the use of enforcement actions and penalty assessments. In accordance with the time frames described in the Enforcement Response Policy, the ROECB and authorized States initiate appropriate enforcement actions and assess penalties against RCRA violators. The compliance monitoring and enforcement program is designed to ensure compliance with mandatory inspections and HSWA requirements, in particular, the land disposal ban. Since state authorization is not available for OPA or PCB, ROECB manages all enforcement for these statutes.

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Administrative Orders

RCRA and OPA Enforcement and Compliance State Coordinators

The Region 4 ROECB has a designated State Coordinator for each of its eight state RCRA programs and a designated programs contact for OPA and PCB. The designated State Coordinator is the point of contact for oversight of compliance monitoring and enforcement activities in their respective states. Listed in the tables below are the names, telephone numbers and E-mail addresses for the Region 4 RCRA State Coordinators, OPA and PCB Program Coordinators.


RCRA Coordinators


State Coordinator


E-mail Address


Paula Whiting

404 562-9277



Parvez Mallick

404 562-8594



Hector Danois

404 562-8556



Houston Gilliand

404 562-8617



Brooke York

404 562-8025


North Carolina

Nancy McKee

404 562-8674


South Carolina

Laurie Benton Digaetano

404 562-8948



Alan Newman

404 562-8589



OPA and PCB Coordinators

Region 4 (All States)

Program Coordinator


E-mail Address

OPA Enforcement

Jacqueline Jack

404 562-8480


PCB Enforcement

Kris Lippert

404 562-8605


Corrective Action

Another RCRA goal is the implementation of the corrective action program in a manner that ensures that remediation occurs as necessary to protect human health and the environment where releases of hazardous waste or hazardous waste constituents from treatment, storage and disposal facilities have occurred. To the extent possible, corrective action activities are integrated with permitting activities and enforcement actions taken under RCRA Section 3008(h) authority. The corrective action program's main focus is identifying and remedying releases at facilities which pose the greatest threat to human health and the environment.

Enforcement and Compliance Assistance Contacts

The RCRA personnel identified below can provide technical assistance in the listed industrial sectors. Identified in the table below are their names, telephone numbers and E-mail addresses along with their areas of expertise.

Compliance Assistance Contacts
Industrial Sector Name Phone E-mail Address
Air Emissions Larry Lamberth 404 562-8590 lamberth.larry@epa.gov
Automotive Repair Kris Lippert 404 562-8605 lippert.kristin@epa.gov
Battery Reclamation Act Kris Lippert 404 562-8605 lippert.kristin@epa.gov
CERCLA Off-Site Rule (Subtitle C & D) Paula Whiting 404 562-9277 whiting.paula@epa.gov
Criminal Cases Larry Lamberth 404 562-8571 lamberth.larry@epa.gov
Delisting Kris Lippert 404 562-8605 lippert.kristin@epa.gov
E-Waste Edmond Burks 404 562-8587 burks.edmond@epa.gov
Financial Record Reviews Bob Stewart 404 562-8886
Import/Export Stanley Tam 404 562-8577 tam.stanley@epa.gov
Land Ban Regulation Javier Garcia
404 562-8616
Metal Finishing Larry Lamberth 404 562-8590 lamberth.larry@epa.gov
Mineral Processing Alan Annicella
Oil Pollution Act Jacq Marie Jack 404 562-8480 jack.jacq@epa.gov
Outdoor Shooting Range Bill Kappler 404 562-8498 kappler.william@epa.gov
RCRA Corrective Action John Kroske 404 562-8613 kroske.john@epa.gov
Salvage Yards Randy Jackson 404 562-8464 jackson.randy@epa.gov
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) John Goodwin
404 562-8488
Used Oil Kris Lippert 404 562-8605 lippert.kristin@epa.gov
Universal Waste Bill Kappler 404 562-8498 kappler.william@epa.gov
Wood Treating John Kroske
404 562-8613

Report Improper Management of Hazardous Waste

The RCRA and OPA Enforcement and Compliance Branch encourages individuals to notify us in the event they witness, or know of, any hazardous waste disposal or other hazard waste mismanagement occurring with in Region 4 states. Electronic notification can be made by visiting Citizens Tips and Complaints.

Written notification are accepted and should be mailed to the following address:

RCRA and OPA Enforcement and Compliance Branch
RCRA Division
US EPA, Region 4
Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth Street, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Notifications can also be directed to the appropriate ROECB State Coordinator by telephone, E-mail, or in writing to the same address. Anonymity will be respected in your disclosure of RCRA violations. The main Branch telephone number is 404 562-8579.

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