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Technical Assistance for Small Business

Regulatory, Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention Information


Small Business Program Liaison

Email: fagler.adrienne@epa.gov

Phone: (404) 562-9625

Compliance Assistance Coordinator

Email: hardegree.wes@epa.gov

Phone: (404) 562-9629

Small Business (Clean Air Act) CAA Technical Contact

Email: somerville.amanetta@epa.gov

Phone: (404) 562-9025

Air Toxics Contact

Email: wagner.paul@epa.gov

Phone: (404) 562-9100




















Compliance Assistance Resources

Automotive Shops

Chemical Manufacturers

Dry Cleaners

Furniture Manufacturers



Media Specific Resources


The Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act

Technology Transfer Network Air Toxics Website


Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

RCRA Online


Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks



Stormwater Basic Information

Stormwater Policy and Guidance Documents



For information on the contents of this page contact Adrienne Fagler.

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