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West Michigan Park Cleanup


July 21, 2009

West Michigan Park cleanup completed

EPA has finished work at Saginaw Township's West Michigan Park. The cleanup got underway on April 27 and included the removal of more than 17,000 tons of dioxin-contaminated soil. Last week contractors finished up by installing guardrails and paving the parking lot and by planting 5,000 native plants along the shoreline. The park will be reopened after the new grass and plants have had time to get reestablished -- likely by mid-August.

June 2009

About 17, 310 tons of contaminated soil has been removed from West Michigan Park and transported it to People's municipal Landfill in Birch Run Michigan for disposal. The removal was carried out by The Dow Co. with oversight by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As of June 24, 2009, 100 percent of the park has been excavated and backfilled. As part of activities,the stream bank has been given a more gradual slope and the new bank has been stabilized using native plants. During resloping, two trees were removed at the riverbank and stone was placed at the toe of the slope to prevent erosion. Gravel access paths and pads have been placed to allow access to the riverbank for park users. Six trees were replanted throughout the park and the park has been reseeded. When vegetation is re-established the playground equipment will be re-installed and the park will be reopened to the public for use. The area in which the playground equipment will be replaced has been raised one foot from its original height. The gravel driveway and parking lot have been excavated and backfilled with certified clean fill. The parking lot driveway will be paved with asphalt. Implementation of the barrier control plans associated with the Elevated Contamination Areas 1-6 are continuing and are expected to be completed by July 1.

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