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Congressional District # 17


EPA ID# ILD980606941
Last Updated: August, 2013

Site Description

The site is 132 acres and is located  in Hillsboro, Illinois.  The site is located in a  mixed commercial/industrial/residential area in the NE part of Hillsboro.  The site extends from Smith Road south to an unnamed tributary to the Middle Fork of Shoal Creek.  Industrial Drive extends north and south along much of the site's eastern boundary.  North of the site is Smith Street, a small facility called Hayes Abrasives, a golf course, and farm fields.  Approximately 20 - 30% of the site is covered by buildings-approximately 23 buildings exist at the site.  Active industrial operations at the site ceased in 2003.  The site is zoned commercial/industrial and the City of Hillsboro has indicated interest in acquiring the site for use as an industrial park.


Site Responsibility

This site is on the National Priorities List (2007) and is currently Federal Fund lead.

Threats and Contaminants

Soil is contaminated with inorganic contaminants.  Residue piles at the site may pose a leaching hazard to groundwater and ultimately to surface water drainage onsite. 

In May of 2008 Illinois EPA conducted sampling surrounding the buildings and associated structures on the site. The results of the sampling event indicated high levels of lead contamination inside and around the buildings.  The buildings pose a potential risk to anyone who comes into contact with them; they are in dilapidated condition and at risk to fall down.  In 2009 U.S. EPA decided to take an interim action to raze the contaminated buildings, and manage the building materials on-site with a cover.  

In May 2012, EPA released the supplemental remedial investigation and feasibility study reports.  These reports discuss the contamination in the sediment, soil, surface water, and waste material on the site, the associatied human health and ecological risks, and the options EPA evaluated to address the risk.  

Cleanup Progress

U.S. EPA has organized the remedial action work at Eagle Zinc into two operable units (OUs):

• Operable Unit 01: Building Demolition (Interim Action)
• Operable Unit 02: Multi-media (Soil, Ground Water, Surface Water, and Residue Piles)

OU 1: This interim remedial action (OU 1) is intended to address high metals concentrations associated with the buildings on the site. The selected remedy for this OU will neither be inconsistent with, nor preclude implementation of, the final remedy (OU 2). 

U.S. EPA signed and released the Record of Decision (ROD) documenting the selected remedy on September 16, 2009. The ROD and supporting documents are available to the public at the Hillsboro Public Library.  The selected cleanup action for OU 1 is demolition of site buildings; and consolidation and cover of building materials on-site.  The Remedial Design is complete.  The interim action will be implemented prior to the implementation of OU 2 – Multi-media.

OU 2, Multi-media:  OU 2 will address any contaminated media associated with the site and the materials left on-site from the interim remedial action. 

Currently U.S. EPA  and Illinois EPA are conducting further investigations to supplement the draft Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) for OU 2.  The RI and FS reports are now complete and can be viewed at the Hillsboro Public Library.   A Public meeting was held on June 14 to present the cleanup plan to the community and recieve comments from the community about the plan.  The Record of Decision for  OU 2 was signed on September 6, 2012.  The remedial design in currently underway and is expected to be complete by the March of 2014.  




Community Involvement

Meetings were conducted in the community at the outset of the remedial investigation.  Meetings with local officials have been ongoing throughout the process, keeping them apprised of site developments.

On May 27, 2009 U.S. EPA and Illinois EPA presented the proposed Interim Remedial action at a public meeting.  At the meeting community members expressed their opinions about the proposed interim remedy and the future site land use. The 30-day public comment period started on May 18 and concluded on June 18, 2009.  All comments were reviewed and were responded to in the Responsiveness Summary of the Record of Decision.

U.S. EPA conducted community interviews on the 13th and 14th of July and November 2010. These interviews were used to create the Community Involvement Plan (CIP).  The CIP is available for view at a local information repository.

A Public meeting was held on June 14 to present the cleanup plan to the community and recieve comments from the community about the plan.

Congressional Interest

Congressman Phil Hare has contacted the U.S. EPA to inquire about the progress of the EPA work for Eagle Zinc.

Property Reuse

The City of Hillsboro is interested in acquiring the site property after remediation is completed for development of an industrial park.


Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA
timothy drexler (drexler.timothy@epa.gov)
(312) 353-4367

Community Involvement Coordinator, U.S. EPA
teresa jones
(312) 886-0725




Site Profile Information

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