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Pollution Prevention (P2)

Region 5 Pollution Prevention

Contact: Tribal P2 Coordinator: Dolly Tong (tong.dolly@epa.gov) 312-886-1019

The P2 approach seeks to avoid the creation of pollutants rather than control or manage them after they have been generated. P2 activities reduce or eliminate the sources of waste and pollutants within processes, products and materials.

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Related EPA programs

In Region 5

Region 5 Solid Waste Program
The Solid Waste program works closely with its partner states and tribes to promote the prevention, reuse and recycling of non-hazardous solid waste. Resources include technical and funding assistance, links to state programs, and how to recycle common household items.

Region 5 Waste Minimization Program
Non-regulatory technical assistance program for hazardous and solid waste generators focusing on the most persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic chemicals (PBTs). Other resources include training, detailed Waste Minimization Opportunity Assessments, and links to state waste exchanges.

Great Lakes National Program Office
GLNPO operates a pollution prevention grant program totaling over $750,000 annually. Online resources include the Binational Toxics Strategy and useful tips to reduce mercury and PCBs.

Region 5 Toxics Reduction Team
Coordinates resources to reduce toxic pollutants such as lead, mercury and PCBs. Links introduce you to the dangers of toxics in the environment and identify preventive measures against environmental pollution.


Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
EPA’s gateway to current pollution prevention policies, programs and initiatives, technical assistance, and information resources.

Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse
One-stop site for EPA’s pollution prevention publications.

National Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse
Compliance assistance resources for small businesses and industry sector provided by EPA and other agencies. The Clearinghouse also provides a discussion forum to promote collaboration and information exchange.

Small Business Gateway
Offers small businesses environmental assistance and technical help, including links to federal laws and regulations.

Provides pollution prevention, compliance assurance, and enforcement information, including a national database of pollution prevention products and services, and environmental profiles of industrial sectors.

Partners for the Environment Voluntary Programs
Focusing on pollution prevention, over 40 EPA programs collaborate with over 7,000 organizations using voluntary goals and commitments to protect natural resources and save money through flexible and creative solutions.

Native Landscaping
Provides information on landscaping with native plants in the Great Lakes, case studies of successful landscaping projects, state factsheets, the Wild Ones handbook, a toolkit for public officials, and weed laws.

Energy Efficiency
EPA’s popular EnergyStar program certifies products and buildings and provides information on where to buy energy efficient products and home improvement tools. Learn how your business can become an EnergyStar partner.

Regional Pollution Prevention Offices
Learn how EPA offices around the country promote pollution prevention through grants, voluntary programs and partnerships, and technical assistance.


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