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Region 7 Air Program

Serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and 9 Tribal Nations

NSR Policy & Guidance Index

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Title Author EPA Office Date
Columbian Chemicals' Heat Exchanger Project Smith, Mark A. Region 7 03/25/2013
Next Steps for Addressing EPA-Issued Step 2 Prevention of Significant Deterioration Greenhouse Gas Permits and Associated Requirements McCabe, Janet OAQPS 12/19/2014
Flares at the Steamboat Butte Operations Facility and E-5 Tank Battery are Used to Control Pollution and are Not Inherent to the Process Daly, Carl Region 8 10/31/2014
No Action Assurance Regarding EPA-Issued Step 2 Prevention of Significant Deterioration Permits and Related Title V Requirements Following Utility Air Regulatory Group v. Environmental Protection Agency Giles, Cynthia OECA 12/19/2014
Next Steps and Preliminary Views on the Application of Clean Air Act Permitting Programs to Greenhouse Gases Following the Supreme Court's Decision in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. Environmental Protection Agency McCabe, Janet and Giles, Cynthia OAQPS and OECA 07/24/2014
Guidance for PM2.5 Permit Modeling Page, Stephen OAQPS 05/20/2014
Interim Guidance on the Treatment of Condensable Particulate Matter Test Results in the Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Nonattainment New Source Review Permitting Programs Page, Stephen OAQPS 04/08/2014
Revising the NOx BACT Limit at Simpson Tacoma Kraft Kelly, Kate Region 10 03/03/2014
Guidance on Extension of Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permits Page, Stephen OAQPS 01/31/2014
Counting GHG Fugitive Emissions in Permitting Applicability OAQPS 12/19/2013
J.R. Simplot Company's Don Siding Plant and Issues Related to Aggregation, Debottlenecking and Projected Actual Emissions Kelly, Kate Region 10 08/29/2013
North Carolina's Implementation of Visibility Impact Assessment Requirements for New Major Stationary Sources and Major Modifications Subject to Clean Air Act Prevention of Significant Deterioration Requirements Banister, Beverly H., Wood, Anna Marie and Doster, Brian Region 4 04/16/2013
NSPS-NESHAP Applicability for Excelerate Energy's Aguirre GasPort Emission Units Riva, Steven Region 2 04/11/2013
Applicability of the Summit Decision to EPA Title V and NSR Source Determinations Page, Stephen OAQPS 12/21/2012
Timely Processing of Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permits when EPA or a PSD-Delegated Air Agency Issues the Permit Page, Stephen OAQPS 10/15/2012
BP America Treating Site #9 Compressor Station, Status of PSD and Title V Permits Following Decommissioning of Site Cantor, Howard Region 8 09/20/2012
Minor New Source Review Program Public Notice Requirements under 40 CFR 51.161(b)(3) McCabe, Janet OAR 04/17/2012
Concurrence with Region 2's Assessment of the Appropriate Method for Compliance Demonstration Modeling of Emissions Associated with Horizontal Drilling and High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Shale in New York State Fox, Tyler OAQPS 02/29/2012
Cleveland Public Power Ridge Road Municipal Solid Waste Gasifier Project Damico, Genevieve Region 5 02/23/2012
GPC Single Source Letter Cox, Kathleen Region 3 01/10/2012
Greenhouse Gas Plantwide Applicability Limitations for the Semiconductor Industry Page, Stephen OAQPS 12/22/2011
PowerSecure Common Control Determination Worley, Gregg Region 4 12/16/2011
NSR Interpollutant Offset Ratio Letter Newton, Cheryl Region 5 09/01/2011
Semiconductor Manufacturing GHG PSD Applicability; Use of Projected Actual Emissions and Plantwide Applicability Limits Page, Stephen OAQPS 08/26/2011
Region 9 PSD BACT Comments for Alternative Boiler Design on the Sierra Pacific Industries Application Rios, Gerardo Region 9 08/05/2011
Revised Interpollutant Trading Policy for PM2.5 McCarthy, Gina OAR 07/21/2011
PSD Applicability Determination Analysis for the Carlsbad Energy Center Power Project Jordan, Deborah Region 9 07/18/2011
Applicability Determinations on the PSD 100 tpy Major Source Threshold Category for Fossil Fuel Boilers at Griffin Industries Worley, Gregg Region 4 06/27/2011
PSD Applicability Determination for Power Boiler No. 7 at the Simpson Pulp and Paper Mill in Tacoma, Washington Helms, Nancy Region 10 04/20/2011
Actual-to-Projected-Actual Test in Calculating Contemporaneous Emissions for a PSD or NNSR Netting Analysis Newton, Cheryl Region 5 04/04/2011
Federal Land Managers Notification and Visibility Assessment Requirements for PSD Permitting Banister, Beverly Region 4 03/09/2011
Additional Clarification of Guidance for Implementation of the 1-hour NO2 NAAQS Under PSD Page, Stephen OAQPS 03/01/2011
PSD & Title V Permitting Guidance for GHGs OAQPS 03/01/2011
Guidance for Determining BACT for Reducing CO2 Emissions from Bioenergy Production OAR 03/01/2011
Region 6 GHG BACT Comment Letter to LDEQ on the Nucor Steel Louisiana PSD Permit Robinson, Jeff Region 6 01/07/2011
Summit Petroleum Corporation Single Source Determination Newton, Cheryl Region 5 10/18/2010
BP American Production Company's Florida River Compression Facility Single Source Determination Videtich, Callie Region 8 10/18/2010
Guidance for Implementation of the 1-hour SO2 NAAQS Under PSD Page, Stephen OAQPS 08/23/2010
NSR and Title V Permitting Applicability for Dynamometer Chassis Testing of Transportation Vehicles Newton, Cheryl Region 5 08/16/2010
Guidance for Implementation of the 1-hour NO2 NAAQS Under PSD Page, Stephen OAQPS 06/29/2010
Northampton Generating Company PSD/NSR Analysis McNally, Diane Region 3 04/20/2010
Reconsideration of Interpretation of Regulations that Determine Pollutants Covered by Clean Air Act Permitting Programs; Final Rule Jackson, Lisa Administrator 04/02/2010
Applicability for PSD Permit Requirements to New and Revised NAAQS Page, Stephen OAQPS 04/01/2010
Step 1 for PSD Applicability Determinations, Emissions Calculation Clarification Finazzo, Barbara Region 2 03/30/2010
Single Source Applicability Determination for Environmental Wood Supply, LLC and District Energy St. Paul, Inc Blakely, Pamela Region 5 03/23/2010
Modeling Procedures for Demonstrating Compliance with PM2.5 NAAQS Page, Stephen OAQPS 03/23/2010
Response to Georgia-Pacific Use of Demand Growth Exclusion Worley, Gregg Region 4 03/18/2010
Contemporaneous Emissions Determination for PSD Netting from Region 5 to Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Newton, Cheryl Region 5 10/05/2009
Withdrawal of William Wehrum's January 12, 2007 Issued Guidance Memo "Source Determinations for Oil and Gas Industries" McCarthy, Gina OAR 09/22/2009
PSD Applicability Determination for Alpine Energy's Proposed Landfill Waste Burning Facility Riva, Steven Region 2 07/13/2009
Common Control Determination for Ocean County Landfill and the Manchester Renewable Power Corp./LES Borsellino, Ronald Region 2 05/11/2009
Alcoa Massena Modernization Project and Request for a Single Source Determination Riva, Steven Region 2 03/09/2009
Request for PSD Applicability Determinations for PSE&G's Burlington and Kearny Generating Stations Riva, Steven Region 2 02/11/2009
Application of CAA Section 112(g) to Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Utility Steam Generating Units That Began Actual Construction or Reconstruction Between March 29, 2005 and March 14, 2008 Meyers, Robert OAR 01/07/2009
EPA's Interpretation of Regulations that Determine Pollutants Covered By Federal Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permit Program Johnson, Stephen Administrator 12/18/2008
Region 6 Letter to Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Regarding Allowable Maintenance, Start-Up, Shutdown Activities in TCEQ's Model Permit Robinson, Jeff Region 6 05/21/2008
Ambient Air for Offshore Liquified Natural Gas Broadwater Project Riva, Steven Region 2 10/09/2007
Determining Baseline Emissions at Mississippi Power Company's Watson Electric Generating Station Worley, Gregg Region 4 09/13/2007
Determining the Ambient Air Boundary for Potential Permit Application in Support of Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority's Restart of Healy Clean Coal Project Helm, Nancy Region 10 09/11/2007
Nested Source Applicability Determination; Northstar Bioenergy Blakely, Pamela Region 5 08/14/2007
Inclusion of Haul Road Emissions in PSD Applicability Determination for Coal Mine and Preparation Plant Blakely, Pamela Region 5 08/09/2007
Interpretation of "Ambient Air" in Situations Involving Leased Land Under the Regulations for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Page, Stephen OAQPS 06/22/2007
PSD Source Classification for Safety Kleen's Lubricating Oil Recovery Facility Blakely, Pamela Region 5 06/04/2007
Is a Wood Waste Gasification Project at Norbord South Carolina, Inc. a Fuel Conversion Plant, Part 2 Worley, Gregg Region 4 06/04/2007
No Permit Required for Disaster-Related Open Burning on Tribal Lands Robinson, Jeffrey Region 6 04/23/2007
Availability of Emission Offset Credits from Cinergy's Noblesville Station Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 04/04/2007
Plant-wide Applicability Limit at Esroc Cement Corporation Blakely, Pamela Region 5 03/26/2007
Source Determinations for Oil and Gas Industries Wehrum, William OAR 01/12/2007
Putzmeister Inc. and Implication of Changes in Nonattainment Classification Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 12/19/2006
General Shale Brick, Inc. and Interaction between MACT, PSD, and Major Nonattainment Review Blakely, Pamela Region 5 12/07/2006
Consideration of Fugitives in Open-Air Cattle Operations Wehrum, William OAR 11/02/2006
Entergy Arkansas Independence and White Bluff Stations, Request for PSD Determination for Lignite Combustion Neleigh, David Region 6 10/04/2006
Applicability of PSD to Sand and Gravel Operations on Tribal Land Blakely, Pamela Region 5 09/20/2006
Consideration of Fugitive Emissions at Oilseed Processing Plants Johnson, Stephen Administrator 08/10/2006
VOC Measurement Techniques for the Pulp & Paper Industry Wehrum, William OAR 07/12/2006
Single Source Determination for General Dynamics Blakely, Pamela Region 5 03/14/2006
Accounting for Emergency Generators in the Estimate of Potential to Emit Riva, Steven Region 2 02/14/2006
Creditability of Shutdown Offsets at Sonoco Flexible Packaging Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 02/14/2006
Carbon Burnout Project at Tampa Electric's Big Bend Station Little, James Region 4 01/20/2006
IGCC as BACT for Proposed Coal-fired Power Plant Projects Page, Stephen OAQPS 12/13/2005
Bombardier Motor Company of America, Nonattainment Permit Applicability Determination Blakely, Pamela Region 5 09/22/2005
Western Kentucky Energy and Effect of PM-CEMS on NSR Applicability Harnett, William OAQPS 08/30/2005
Single Source Evaluation for the Hartford Working Group and Premcor Distribution Center Blakely, Pamela Region 5 07/21/2005
Southwire Company "Splitting of Projects" Review Worley, Gregg Region 4 07/05/2005
Is a Wood Waste Gasification Project at Norbord South Carolina, Inc. a Fuel Conversion Plant Worley, Gregg Region 4 06/14/2005
Implementation of New Source Review Requirements in PM2.5 Nonattainment Areas Page, Stephen OAQPS 04/05/2005
PSD Applicability Determination for Murphy Oil, Superior, Wisconsin Portanova, Sam Region 5 02/24/2005
Evaluating Process Changes and the Impact on Emissions at Holcim's Ada, Oklahoma Plant Neleigh, David Region 6 01/27/2005
Lincolnway Energy Cooperative & Co-location with Existing Grain Cooperative Heiman, JoAnn Region 7 12/06/2004
Outstanding Issues at the Al Turi Landfill in Goshen, NY Mugdan, Walter and Kenny, Jane Region 2 07/08/2004
Brooklyn Navy Yard Clean Unit Determination Riva, Steven Region 2 06/16/2004
Clarification That BACT Analysis Under PSD is Applicable for A Proposed Modification to the Rotary Kiln Neleigh, David Region 6 06/08/2004
Temporary Use of Electric Generators Riva, Steven Region 2 06/01/2004
Air Permit Application for BHP Billiton Deepwater Port Project Offshore Venture, California Rios, Gerardo Region 9 04/05/2004
Implementation of New Source Review in Areas that will be Designated as Nonattainment for the New 8-Hour Ozone Standard Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 02/26/2004
Wynnewood Refining Company Wynnewood Refinery in Garvin County, Oklahoma Neleigh, David Region 6 02/12/2004
January 2004 Guidance on Using Locomotive and Truck Idling Emission Reductions for Offsets Mayer, Nancy OAQPS 01/01/2004
VOC Measurement Methods for the Corn Milling Industry Page, Stephen OAQPS 12/30/2003
Phased Netting at Entergy's Michoud Plant Buckheit, Bruce OECA 12/23/2003
El Paso Energy Bridge Gulf of Mexico, L.L.C. Deepwater Port Sheehan, Charles Region 6 10/28/2003
Federal Aviation Administration Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Donaldson, Guy Region 6 10/01/2003
Guidance on the Definition of Fuel Conversion Plants Shelton, Racqueline OAQPS 07/31/2003
Guidance on Whether Replacing the Refractory Brick Constitutes a Major Modification Blakely, Pamela Region 5 07/30/2003
Clarification on Fugitive Emissions Policy Rothblatt, Stephen and Newton, Cheryl Region 5 03/06/2003
Opinion Concerning a Proposed Fuel Switch at Georgia Power's Scherer Steam Electric Generating Plant Gettle, Jeaneanne Region 4 02/21/2003
Assistance on Permit Determination for P. H. Glatfelter Company Regarding Routine Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Miller, Robert Region 5 01/29/2003
Opinion On Whether Making a Bypass Stack Functional Constitutes Routine Repair and Maintenance Morris, Makeba Region 3 11/18/2002
Celerity Energy, Inc., Networked Distributed Resource Project City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County, New Mexico Neleigh, David Region 6 09/09/2002
Objection to Quebecor World Franklin's Title V Permit Smith, Winston Region 4 08/29/2002
Representative Source Operations Over Last Two Years Riva, Steven Region 2 07/11/2002
Inherent Controls on Ready Mix Cement Silos Harnett, William OAQPS 07/10/2002
PREPA San Juan Repowering Project Riva, Steven Region 2 06/10/2002
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Pollution Control Project Riva, Steven Region 2 05/28/2002
Common Control for Maplewood Landfill and Industrial Power Generating Corporation Katz, Judith Region 3 05/01/2002
Applicability of PSD-WEPCO Rule for Existing Five Combined-Cycle Combustion Turbines at Cogen Technologies, Union County Riva, Steven Region 2 03/19/2002
Use of the Ambient Ratio Method for Modeling Significant Ambient Impacts of NO2 deRoeck, Daniel OAQPS 03/15/2002
Indeck-Niles, LLC PSD Appeal No. 02-03 EAB Decision EAB 03/11/2002
General Motors, Inc. PSD Appeal No. 01-30 EAB Decision EAB 03/06/2002
EPA Objection to Tucson Electric Power ("TEP") Title V Permit Broadbent, Jack Region 9 02/13/2002
Assistance in Determining Routine Maintenance, Repair or Replacement Smith, Winston Region 4 01/28/2002
Response to September 7, 2001 Letter on PSD Seitz, John OAQPS 12/10/2001
Re-Issuance of Clarification - State Implementation Plans (SIPs): Policy Regarding Excess Emissions During Malfunctions, Startup, and Shutdown Schaeffer, Eric and Seitz, John OECA, OAQPS 12/05/2001
Clarification - State Implementation Plans (SIPs): Policy Regarding Excess Emissions During Malfunctions, Startup, and Shutdown Schaeffer, Eric and Seitz, John OECA, OAQPS 11/08/2001
Response to Inquiry Regarding Routine Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Analysis for Recovery Furnace Modifications at Longview Fibre, Longview Mill and Boise Cascade Corporation, Wallula Mill Cole, Doug Region 10 11/05/2001
PSD Applicability for Frederickson Power L.P. Cole, Doug Region 10 10/12/2001
Opinion on if Packaging Corporation of America Project is Routine Maintenance Worley, Gregg Region 4 09/14/2001
Quality Veneer & Lumber Company - Restart or New? Hardesty, Douglas Region 10 09/07/2001
Permitting of Forest Oil's Kustatan Production Facility and Osprey Platform Pursuant to the Alaska SIP Hardesty, Douglas Region 10 08/21/2001
Opinion on Whether Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Had Correctly Interpreted and Applied EPA's Nonattainment NSR Rules Kellam, Robert and Harnett, William OAQPS 08/10/2001
Response to Questions Regarding PPG Industries Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 08/08/2001
Should DuPont and DUSA International be Considered a Single Source for Title V and PSD Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 08/08/2001
Rochester Public Utilities Silver Lake Plant; Steam Line Modification Miller, Robert Region 5 08/06/2001
Do Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Systems Qualify as "Electric Utility Steam Generating Units" for Purposes of Determining Applicability of NSR Seitz, John OAQPS 08/06/2001
Guidance on Mobile Energy Services Company Burning Tire Derived Fuel Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 07/25/2001
Motiva Enterprises, LLC Low Sulfur Gasoline (LSG) Project - Related Emission Increase Methodology Weber, Rebecca Region 6 07/25/2001
Significant Modification to LAER/PSD Application: Ocean Peaking Power, L.P. Riva, Steven Region 2 07/19/2001
Valero Refinery Oxygen Enrichment Project Riva, Steven Region 2 07/19/2001
PSD Question Concerning Common Control, Alliant Energy and Climax Molybdenum Seitz, John OAQPS 07/03/2001
Clarification of Guidance for Calculating Actual or Potential Emissions Seitz, John OAQPS 06/05/2001
Indiana's NOx SIP Rules Seitz, John OAQPS 05/03/2001
Weyerhaeuser Company Oriented Strand Board Plant in Elkin, North Carolina Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 04/23/2001
EPA Region VIII's Opinion on Otter Tail Power Company's Coyote Station Low Pressure Rotor Upgrade Proposal Long, Richard Region 8 04/17/2001
Single Source Determination for Gallitan Steel Co. and Heckett MultiServ Thomas, Henry and Seitz, John OAQPS 03/29/2001
PSD Applicability Determination for Proposed Transfer of Boiler from LTV Steel to Minnesota Power Harnett, William OAQPS 03/19/2001
General Electric (GE ) Silicones, Request for Pollution Control Project Exclusion Riva, Steven Region 2 01/25/2001
BACT and LAER for Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds at Tier 2/Gasoline Sulfur Refinery Projects Seitz, John OAQPS 01/19/2001
Recommendation on Whether 112(g) Applies to a Proposed Modification at New Flyer USA in St. Cloud, MN Miller, Robert Region 5 01/03/2001
Improving Air Quality with Economic Incentive Programs Mayer, Nancy OAQPS 01/01/2001
Order Responding to Borden Chemicals, Inc. in Geismar, LA Browner, Carol Administrator 12/22/2000
Response to Questions Regarding Volatile Organic Compounds McAllister, Barbara Region 10 12/21/2000
Southern LNG, Inc., Elba Island Terminal, Savannah Georgia Draft Air Quality Permit and PSD Preliminary Determination Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 12/13/2000
PSD Questions Associated with Proposed Modification at E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company's Spruance Plant Katz, Judith Region 3 11/30/2000
St. Lawrence Cement... Two Facilities or One? Riva, Steven Region 2 10/11/2000
CO BACT at the Propose Sithe Energy Heritage Generating Facility Riva, Steven Region 2 09/27/2000
Environmental Appeals Board Order on Tennessee Valley Authority EAB 09/15/2000
EPA Review of Proposed Title V Operating Permit for TriGen-Colorado Energy Corporation Clough, Kerrigan Region 8 09/13/2000
No. 1 Recovery Furnace Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Project, PCA Pulp and Paper Mill, Valdosta, Georgia Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 09/13/2000
Interpretation of Ambient Air Toensing, Don Region 7 08/01/2000
Application for a Pollution Control Project Exemption - Potlatch Corporation, Lewiston Hardesty, Douglas Region 10 07/10/2000
Assistance in Determining BACT for Simple-Cycle Natural Gas Turbine Peaker Project Proposed by Standard Energy Ventures Blakely, Pamela Region 5 07/05/2000
Applicability Determination Regarding the Proposed Replacement and Reconfiguration of the High Pressure Section of Two Steam Turbines at Detroit Edison's Monroe Power Plant Lyons, Francis Region 5 05/23/2000
PSD Applicability Analysis for a Past Change at the Georgia-Pacific Taylorsville Facility Particleboard Plant, Taylorsville, Mississippi Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 04/19/2000
Permitting Considerations for Installation of Inlet Air Foggers on Simple Cycle Combustion Turbines at the Duke Power Lincoln Combustion Turbine Facility Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 04/03/2000
Mobile Emission Reduction Credits Howekamp, David Region 9 03/14/2000
Establishing Emissions Representative of Normal Source Operation for Furnace E, Owens-Brockway Glass Container, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 03/02/2000
Applicability of PSD to Debottlenecked Sources Miller, Robert Region 5 02/08/2000
Applicability of PSD Permitting Requirements, Wellcraft Marine Corporation, Sarasota, Florida Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 01/28/2000
Request for Clarification of EPA Guidance on the Alternative Fuels Exemption under the PSD Program Smith, Winston Region 4 01/21/2000
Applicability of PSD and NSPS to Two Coal-Fired Boilers on Eastern Illinois University's Charleston, Illinois Campus Blakely, Pamela Region 5 01/19/2000
Technical Feasibility of SCONOx DeVillars, John Region 1 12/20/1999
EPA's Review of Proposed Title V Permit No. 0170004-004-AV Florida Power Corporation Crystal River Plant Smith, Winston Region 4 11/01/1999
Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Emission Thresholds for Fountain Foundry Blakely, Pamela Region 5 10/26/1999
Replacement of Steam Tubes and Turbine Blades at Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Co. (SIGECO) Culley Station Unit #3 Guerriero, Margaret Region 5 10/21/1999
Columbus Power Partners... NOx BACT for Simple Cycle Turbines Blakely, Pamela Region 5 10/15/1999
Cadillac Renewable Energy... Retrofit BACT for Burning of Tire Derived Fuel Miller, Robert Region 5 10/06/1999
Source Definition Issue for KN Power - Front Range Energy Associates, LLC/PSCo Generating Facility Long, Richard Region 8 10/01/1999
State Implementation Plans: Policy Regarding Excess Emissions during Malfunctions, Startup, and Shutdown Herman, Steven and Perciasepe, Robert OECA, OAR 09/20/1999
Support Facility Determination... Oscar Mayer and Madison Gas & Electric Miller, Robert Region 5 08/25/1999
Calvert City Power Combustion Turbine Facility Smith, Winston Region 4 08/23/1999
Order Denying Petition for Objection to Permit - Kawaihae Cogeneration Partners vs. Maui Electric Company Browner, Carol Administrator 06/16/1999
Monroe Electric Generating Plant Petition No. 6-99-2 Browner, Carol Administrator 06/11/1999
Applicability of Title V Permitting Requirements to Gasoline Bulk Terminals Owned by Williams Energy Ventures, Inc. Smith, Winston Region 4 05/19/1999
American Soda.. Multi-facility Source Determination Long, Richard Region 8 04/20/1999
Turbine Replacement Issue Riva, Steven Region 2 04/01/1999
Interpretation of the Definition of Fugitive Emissions in Parts 70 and 71 Curran, Thomas OAQPS 02/10/1999
P. H. Glatfelters Pulp and Paper Mill (PHG) Pollution Control Project Exclusion Henry, Kathleen Region 3 02/09/1999
United Salt Northeast PSD Determination Henry, Kathleen Region 3 01/15/1999
Treatment of Aluminum Die Casting Operations for the Purposes of NSR Applicability Curran, Thomas OAQPS 12/04/1998
Niobrara Compressor Station Hestmark, Martin Region 8 11/25/1998
Guidance on the Appropriate Injunctive Relief for Violations of Major New Source Review Requirements Schaeffer, Eric OECA 11/17/1998
Single Source Determination for Coors/TriGen Long, Richard Region 8 11/12/1998
PSD Applicability for a PSD-Avoidance Permit Action for Intermet Corporation's Archer Creek Facility Henry, Kathleen Region 3 10/23/1998
Applicability of NSPS for Coal Preparation to Coal Unloading Operations Gigliello, Kenneth OECA 10/05/1998
Region VIII's Interpretation of the Applicability of the 1992 WEPCO Rule to Electric Utilities that Upgrade and/or Replace Turbines Long, Richard Region 8 09/22/1998
Turbine Enhancements and PSD Applicability -- Holcomb Station Toensing, Don Region 7 08/28/1998
NSR & PSD Rules Regarding Fugitive Emissions Applicable to Major Sources Newton, Cheryl Region 5 07/16/1998
Response to Request for Guidance in Defining Adjacent with Respect to Source Aggregation Long, Richard Region 8 05/21/1998
Clarification of Statement of a Memorandum Entitled "Crediting of MACT Emission Reductions for NSR Netting and Offsets" Seitz, John OAQPS 05/18/1998
Potential to Emit (PTE) Guidance for Specific Source Categories Seitz, John and Schaeffer, Eric OAQPS, OECA 04/14/1998
Interim Policy Determination Related to NSR/PSD Significance Level for ODS Seitz, John OAQPS 03/19/1998
Guidance on Major Modification Provisions of PSD Rules as Applied to "Re-Permitting" at Acme Steel Co. Newton, Cheryl Region 5 03/13/1998
Response to Letter Regarding the Louisiana Department of Environmental Protection's Position on the PSD Significant Emission Level for ODS at Existing Major Sources Seitz, John OAQPS 02/24/1998
Should Gasoline be Considered as Petroleum in Determining if Source is Major Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 02/18/1998
January 22, 1998 on Pro-Tec Newton, Cheryl Region 5 01/22/1998
Response to Letter Requesting the EPA Repeal the Alternative Fuels Exemption in the PSD Regulations Seitz, John OAQPS 01/21/1998
BACT Analysis for Westvaco Corporation Paper Mill in Luke, Maryland Katz, Judith and Smolksi, Robert Region 3 12/24/1997
Should Pro-Tec be Permitted as a Major Source Newton, Cheryl Region 5 12/22/1997
Inconsistency in the Calculation of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emission Rates Using the Results of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Methods 25 and 25A. Smith, Winston Region 4 11/21/1997
Crediting of MACT Emission Reductions for NSR Netting and Offsets Seitz, John OAQPS 11/12/1997
Interim Implementation of NSR Requirements for PM2.5 Seitz, John OAQPS 10/23/1997
Fugitive Emissions from Coal Preparation Plants Herman, Steven OECA 10/03/1997
Great Salt Lake Minerals Source Determination Long, Richard Region 8 08/08/1997
Is a Solvent Reclamation Facility Considered a Chemical Process Plant Pierce, Carla Region 4 08/08/1997
ESCO Corp. Source Determination Cabreza, Joan Region 10 08/07/1997
Calculation of Cost Effectiveness of Emission Control Systems Beals, Brian Region 4 03/24/1997
New Source Offset Against Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program Legro, Stanley OE 03/14/1997
Request for Guidance on PSD Applicability Determinations for Boiler Emissions Neeley, R. Douglas Region 4 03/14/1997
PSD Applicability Determination for Power Boiler No. 4 at the Potlatch Corporation Facility in Lewiston, Idaho Buckheit, Bruce OECA 12/18/1996
Analysis of the Applicability of PSD to the Anheuser-Busch, Incorporated Brewery and Nutri-Turf, Incorporated Landfarm at Fort Collins, Colorado Kellam, Robert OAQPS 08/27/1996
Extension of January 25, 1995 Potential to Emit Transition Policy Seitz, John and Van Heuvelen, Robert OAQPS, OECA 08/27/1996
Honda Permits to Install 1 Year Aggregation Newton, Cheryl Region 5 08/08/1996
Major Source Determinations for Military Installations under the Air Toxics, New Source Review, and Title V Operating Permit Programs of the Clean Air Act (Act) Seitz, John OAQPS 08/02/1996
RACT and Emission Reduction Credits Issues Seitz, John OAQPS 07/08/1996
Forest Products Industry Permitting Information Luehrs, Jole Region 6 04/29/1996
Determination of Whether Emissions From Seagram and Sons Whiskey Storage Facility are Fugitive Newton, Cheryl Region 5 04/16/1996
International Paper; Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches Co., Texas; PSD-TX-766M1, Permit Amendment Luehrs, Jole Region 6 04/11/1996
Regulated Pollutant Kellam, Robert OAQPS 03/01/1996
Clarification Concerning Which Organic Chemicals are to be Regulated in Several New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Edwardson, Jack and Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 01/26/1996
Release of Interim Policy on Federal Enforceability of Limitations on Potential to Emit Seitz, John OAQPS 01/22/1996
Clarification Concerning the Scope of Construction-Related Activities that may Occur prior to Issuance of a PSD Permit Seitz, John OAQPS 12/13/1995
EPA's Revised Policy with Respect to the New Source Review (NSR) Offset Provisions in Attainment, Marginal and Moderate Ozone Nonattainment Areas in the Ozone Transport Region (OTR) Simon, Conrad Region 2 12/12/1995
Criteria for Determining whether Equipment is Air Pollution Control Equipment or Process Equipment Solomon, David OAQPS 11/27/1995
Common Control, September 18, 1995 Letter to Peter Hamlin Spratlin, William Region 7 09/18/1995
Response to Specific Questions on Interstate Trading and New Source Review (NSR) Under the Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Emissions Budget Concept Seitz, John OAQPS 09/12/1995
Clarification of the Use of Appendix I of the Clean Air Act Stationary Source Civil Penalty Policy Stein, Kathie OECA 07/23/1995
Site Specific Determination of Common Control United Technologies Corporation; Columbus G.A. Harper, Jewell Region 4 07/20/1995
Permit Shields and NSR Pontius, Ann Region 10 06/29/1995
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Title V Applicability Harper, Jewell Region 4 06/05/1995
EPA Reconsideration of Application of Collocation Rules to Unlisted Sources of Fugitive Emissions for Purposes of Title V Permitting Hitte, Steve and Wegman, Lydia OAQPS 06/02/1995
Responses to Issues Raised by Industry on Clean Air Act Implementation Reform Nichols, Mary OAR 05/31/1995
Clarification of Applicability of the PSD Regulations at 40 CFR 52.21 to Modifications at Major Stationary Sources that Increase Emissions of Noncriteria Air Pollutants Seitz, John OAQPS 05/04/1995
4/5/95 Letter on Definition of Major Source Eng, Kenneth Region 2 04/05/1995
Response to Appeal on Behalf of Consolidation Coal Company Spink, Marcia Region 3 03/24/1995
Options for Limiting the Potential to Emit (PTE) of a Stationary Source Under Section 112 and Title V of the Clean Air Act (Act) Seitz, John OAQPS 01/25/1995
Guidance on Enforceability Requirements for Limiting Potential to Emit Through SIP and Section 112 Rules and General Permits Stein, Kathie OECA 01/25/1995
Deminimis Values for NOx RACT Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 01/01/1995
Emission Offset Requirements and The Replacement of Ozone Depleting Compounds with VOCs Seitz, John OAQPS 12/16/1994
Response to May 20, 1994 Letter from Robert H. Collom, Jr. Stein, Kathie OECA 11/22/1994
Temporary and Contracted Operations Seitz, John OAQPS 11/16/1994
Federal Enforceability of State's Existing Minor New Source Review (NSR) Programs Seitz, John OAQPS 11/02/1994
Classification of Emissions from Landfills for NSR Applicability Purposes Seitz, John OAQPS 10/21/1994
Consideration of Fugitive Emissions from Grain Elevators Lillis, Ed OAQPS 10/14/1994
Part D New Source Review Requirements for Areas Requesting Redesignation to Attainment Nichols, Mary OAR 10/14/1994
Response to Request for Guidance on Use of Pre-1990 ERC' s and Adjusting for RACT at Time of Use Seitz, John OAQPS 08/26/1994
Pollution Control Projects and New Source Review (NSR) Applicability Seitz, John OAQPS 07/01/1994
Offsets Required Prior to Permit Issuance Seitz, John OAQPS 06/14/1994
Response to Letter on the Use of Sulfur Dioxide Allowances Allocated Under the Acid Rain Program Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 05/24/1994
Response to Questions Regarding PM-10 Condensibles Pace, Thompson OAQPS 03/31/1994
Inter-Power PSD Appeal Nos. 92-8 and 92-9 EAB 03/16/1994
Consideration of Fugitive Emissions in Major Source Determinations Wegman, Lydia OAQPS 03/08/1994
Whirlpool Corporation; Fort Smith, Arkansas Meiburg, A. Stanley Region 6 02/01/1994
Preconstruction Review & Cons Howekamp, David Region 9 11/04/1993
Approaches to Creating Federally-Enforceable Emissions Limits Seitz, John OAQPS 11/03/1993
OAQPS Review and Conclusions on Lynchburg Foundry Project Glen, Eileen Region 3 10/21/1993
Guidance for State Rules for Optional Federally-Enforceable Emissions Limits Based on Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Use Berry, D. Kent OAQPS 10/15/1993
Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics Company, Inc PSD Applicability Luehrs, Jole Region 6 09/17/1993
Response to Request For EPA-Region I's Determination on the Applicability of it's Regulations and the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 to the Montachusett Regional Recycling Facility Murphy, Linda Region 1 08/03/1993
Use of Shutdown Credits for Offsets Seitz, John OAQPS 07/21/1993
N.Y. State Electric and Gas Jennison Station Use of Tire-Derived Fuel Eng, Kenneth Region 2 07/19/1993
Formation of a Federal Advisory Committee Act Subcommittee for New Source Review (NSR) Issues Seitz, John OAQPS 06/22/1993
Endangered Species Act Consultation Berry, D. Kent OAQPS 06/21/1993
Applicability of NSR Review Circumvention Guidance to 3M - Maplewood, Minnesota Rasnic, John SSCD 06/17/1993
BACT Applicability Region 4 06/15/1993
Construction Activities at Georgia Pacific Rasnic, John SSCD 05/13/1993
Letter Concerning Proposal GM Burning Natural Gas in Existing Industrial Boilers at an Estimated 16 Sites in Michigan and 12 Other Sites in Region V Kee, David Region 5 04/06/1993
Response to Questions Concerning The Ozone Transport Commission's Investigation of the Possibility of a Regionwide Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Offsets Trading Program. Seitz, John OAQPS 03/31/1993
Determining PSD Applicability Thresholds for Gas Turbine Based Facilities Lillis, Ed OAQPS 02/02/1993
Automatic or Blanket Exemptions for Excess Emissions During Startup, and Shutdowns Under PSD Rasnic, John SSCD 01/28/1993
In the Matter of Ogden Martin Systems of Onondaga, Inc. EAB 12/01/1992
Interim Guidance on New Source Review (NSR) Questions Raised in Letters Dated September 9 and 24, 1992 Meiburg, A. Stanley Region 6 11/19/1992
Clarification of PSD Guidance For Modeling Class 1 Area Impacts Seitz, John OAQPS 10/19/1992
U.S. District Court, District of Oregon, Order, Oregon Environmental Council and the Sierra Club v. Oregon Department on Environmental Quality James, Christopher Region 10 10/13/1992
Applicability of the PSD Regulations to Certain Modifications Made by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 09/29/1992
BACT/LEAR Cutoff Date Policy and Recent PSD Appeal Decision Miller, Mamie OECA 09/20/1992
Limitation of Potential to Emit with Respect to Title V Applicability Thresholds Calcagni, John OAQPS 09/18/1992
Fifth Circuit Order Dismissing Petition for Review Filed by Golden Aluminum Company Renton, Jeffrey OGC 09/03/1992
New Source Review (NSR) Program Supplemental Transitional Guidance on Applicability of New Part D NSR Permit Requirements Seitz, John OAQPS 09/03/1992
Applicability of Policy on Limiting Potential to Emit to GM Morrain Assembly Plant, Dayton, Ohio Rasnic, John SSCD 09/02/1992
Tire Derived Fuel Classified as Municipal Solid Waste for a PSD Exemption Calcagni, John OAQPS 08/31/1992
Proposed Netting for Modifications at Cyprus Northshore Mining Corporation, Silver Bay, Minnesota Calcagni, John OAQPS 08/11/1992
Order Denying Review -- Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company Permit No. HI 89-01 EAB 07/20/1992
3M Tape Manufacturing Division Rasnic, John SSCD 07/14/1992
Processing of SIP Submittals Calcagni, John OAQPS 07/09/1992
Northeast Hub Partners and United Salts Single Source Determination Katz, Judith Region 3 06/10/1992
Response to Request for Guidance Concerning Installation of Nitrogen Oxides Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems Rasnic, John SSCD 06/08/1992
New York's SIP for NSR Simon, Conrad Region 2 06/01/1992
EPA Definition of "Pollution Prevention" Habicht, F. Henry OAR 05/28/1992
Applicability of PSD & NSPS to the Cleveland Electric, Incorporated, Plant in Willoughby, Ohio Lillis, Ed OAQPS 05/26/1992
Recent Administrative and Judicial Decisions Regarding Consideration of Source Separation in Determining BACT Under PSD Renton, Jeffrey OGC 05/21/1992
TSP Redesignation Requests Paisie, Joseph OAQPS 05/20/1992
Questions Posed by Connecticut DEP Regarding the Moving and Addition of Operating Facilities by Web Technologies Murphy, Linda Region 1 05/19/1992
Order Denying Review -- Multitrade Limited Partnership - PSD Appeal No. 92-2 EAB 04/29/1992
Request For Further Clarification on EPA's Definition of "Ambient Air" Seitz, John OAQPS 04/13/1992
Stationary Source Committee Recommendation on NOx RACT for Utility Boilers Bradley, Michael NESCAUM 03/25/1992
Policy Determination on Limiting Potential to Emit for Koch Refining Company's Clean Fuels Project Rasnic, John SSCD 03/13/1992
Response to Request for EPA's Interpretation of Several Provisions of the Clean Air Act Rosenberg, William OAR 02/28/1992
Use of Long Term Rolling Averages to Limit Potential to Emit Rasnic, John SSCD 02/24/1992
Distribution of Report on Procedures to Estimate Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Emission Increases from Mobile and Area Sources for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Increment Analyses Noble, Eric OAQPS 02/22/1992
Applicability of EPA's PSD Regulations to Floating Seafood Processors Bray, David Region 10 11/29/1991
Applicability of PSD to Watertown Power Plant, South Dakota; Shut Down For 9 Years Rasnic, John SSCD 11/19/1991
Class I Area Significant Impact Levels Calcagni, John OAQPS 09/10/1991
Response to Request for Guidance on PSD Definition Referencing Cogeneration Gas Turbines that are Separated by One-Half Mile Skie, Douglas Region 8 08/22/1991
Kamine Development Corporation Request for a PSD Innovative Control Technology Waiver Lillis, Ed OAQPS 08/20/1991
Order Denying Review -- Old Dominion Electric Cooperative Reilly, William Administrator 06/03/1991
Pine State Power Cogeneration Project and International Paper Company Conroy, David Region 1 04/26/1991
NSR Program Transitional Guidance Seitz, John OAQPS 03/11/1991
NSR Workshop Manual (DRAFT 1990) OAQPS 10/01/1990
Order on Motion for Stay -- Columbia Gulf Transmission Company Reilly, William Administrator 07/03/1990
Splitting of 2-Digit SIC Codes at 3M's Chemolite Plant Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 06/12/1990
EPA's Conclusion that WEPCO's Proposed Renovations to its Port Washington Power Plant Would be Subject to NSPS and PSD Requirements Rosenberg, William OAR 06/08/1990
Designation of Issues -- World Color Press Reilly, William Administrator 06/07/1990
Definition of Post approval Monitoring Lillis, Ed OAQPS 06/04/1990
Issuance of PSD Permits in Attainment Areas Where Violations have been Modeled Spink, Marcia Region 3 04/25/1990
Comments on the Draft Permit for Conoco Coker and Sulfur Recovery Skie, Douglas Region 8 03/22/1990
Expediting the Process of a PSD for a Power-Generating Facility Davis, Wallace Region 3 02/16/1990
Determination of Lowest Achievable Emission Rate for Coors Container Corporation Skie, Douglas Region 8 02/06/1990
Comments on the Indiana Department of Environmental Management Proposed Permit for NIPSCO Bailly Generating Station Kee, David Region 5 01/30/1990
Follow up on Request for EPA's Headquarters to Review Region V's Previous Determination that the Proposed Fuel Conversion was a "Major Modification" for PSD Purposes Emison, Gerald OAQPS 01/18/1990
BACT/LAER Determination Cut-off Date Seitz, John OAQPS 01/11/1990
Clarifications on "Secondary Emissions" as Defined in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Calcagni, John OAQPS 01/08/1990
Remand Order - Bio Energy Corporation Reilly, William Administrator 01/04/1990
Effect of Changing Stack Heights on PSD Modeling and Monitoring Calcagni, John OAQPS 01/02/1990
Order Denying Review -- Spokane Regional Waste to Energy Project; Revised Permit Determination Habicht, F. Henry OAR 01/02/1990
Use of Netting Credits Calcagni, John OAQPS 12/29/1989
Court of Appeals Decision Upholding PSD "Actual to Potential" Applicability Rules Puerto Rican Cement Co., Inc. v. EPA Foote, Gregory OGC 11/24/1989
Ambient Air Bauman, Robert OAQPS 10/17/1989
Request for Clarification of Policy Regarding the "Net Emissions Increase" Calcagni, John OAQPS 09/18/1989
Response to a Letter Regarding the Use Of Urea Injection In Place of Ammonia Injection Emison, Gerald OAQPS 09/11/1989
Texas Air Control Board Inquiry Regarding Allowable Emissions in PSD NAAQS Analyses Hathaway, William Region 6 08/25/1989
Guidance on Implementing the Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) PSD Increments Calcagni, John OAQPS 08/24/1989
PSD Applicability Determination for Multiple Owner/Operator Point Sources Within a Single Facility Calcagni, John OAQPS 08/11/1989
LAER Determination for a Previously Constructed Source Seitz, John OAQPS 08/09/1989
Order Denying Review -- Huntington Mass-Burn Incinerator Reilly, William Administrator 08/02/1989
Request for PSD Applicability Determination, Golden Aluminum Company Hathaway, William Region 6 07/28/1989
Order on Petition for Review -- Hibbing Taconite Company, Petitioner Reilly, William Administrator 07/19/1989
Time Request for the Finalization of a BACT Determination for a New Emissions Source McCutchen, Gary OAQPS 06/15/1989
Transmittal of Background Statement on "Top-Down" BACT Calcagni, John OAQPS 06/13/1989
Guidance on Limiting Potential to Emit in New Source Permitting Hunt, Terrell and Seitz, John OECA, OAQPS 06/13/1989
Order Denying Review -- Spokane Regional Waste to Energy Reilly, William Administrator 06/09/1989
Technical Document on Control of Nitrogen Oxides From Municipal Waste Combustors Farmer, Jack OAQPS 05/19/1989
PSD Applicability of SO2 Emissions from Incineration of Total Reduced Sulfur Calcagni, John OAQPS 04/10/1989
Applicability of Building Downwash in PSD Permit Analyses Calcagni, John OAQPS 03/31/1989
Response to Petition Regarding the Emissions Offset Exemption For Resource Recovery Facilities in Part 231of the New York SIP Muszynski, William Region 2 03/17/1989
Letter Regarding the Offset Exemption for Resource Recovery Facilities in Part 231of the New York SIP Simon, Conrad Region 2 03/17/1989
Use of Allowable Emissions for NAAQS Impact Analysis Under the Requirements for PSD Calcagni, John OAQPS 03/16/1989
RACT for New Automobile Assembly Plants Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 03/02/1989
Guidance on Determining LAER Calcagni, John OAQPS 02/28/1989
Opinion in Frank J. Kelley, Michigan Natural Resources Commission, Michigan Air Pollution Control Commissions, and David F. Hales V. Albar Industries, C.A. No. 88-CV-10302-FL, E.D. Michigan, February 7, 1989 Hunt, Terrell OECA 02/24/1989
Cut-Off Date for Determining LAER in Major New Source Permitting Seitz, John OAQPS 02/24/1989
Revised Final Determination, on Reconsideration, Regarding the Applicability of the Clean Air Acts NSPS and PSD Clay, Don OAR 02/15/1989
Guidance on Early Delegation of Authority for the NO2 Increments Program Emison, Gerald OAQPS 02/15/1989
Craven County Wood-Energy Project Miller, Bruce Region 4 02/13/1989
Determination for Davidson Exterior Trim/Textron Seitz, John OAQPS 02/03/1989
Response to Question Regarding the Use of the Growth Allowance Contained in Part D SIPs Under the CAA for Areas Included in the Post 1987 SIP Call Miller, Bruce Region 4 01/31/1989
Review of Craven County Wood Energy Project Basala, Allen OAQPS 01/27/1989
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis for Craven County Project New Source Review Bunyard, Frank OAQPS 01/27/1989
Guidance Determining Applicability of New Major Source Regulations in the Granting of Construction Permits to Sources of Air Emissions Lillis, Ed OAQPS 01/12/1989
Valero Hydrocarbons BACT Analysis, PSD-TX-746 Wayne, Anthony Region 6 01/04/1989
Emission Offset Exemptions for RRF's Emison, Gerald OAQPS 12/28/1988
Review of Valero Hydrocarbons BACT Analysis Basala, Allen OAQPS 12/14/1988
Order Denying Review -- Colmac Energy Inc. (Riverside County, CA) Thomas, Lee Administrator 12/12/1988
RACT Requirements in Ozone Nonattainment Areas Emison, Gerald OAQPS 12/01/1988
Request for Administrator to Initiate Review of PSD Permit for Columbia Gulf Transmission Company, Clementsville Compressor Station, Kentucky Tidwell, Greer Region 4 11/14/1988
Remand Order - Pennsauken County, New Jersey Recovery Facility Thomas, Lee Administrator 11/10/1988
Review of Deminimis Emissions - Sanctions Shafer, Ronald SSCD 10/28/1988
Final Determinations Regarding the Applicability of the Clean Air Act's NSPS and PSD Requirements to the Proposed Life Extension Project at the Port Washington Steam Electric Generating Station Owned by WEPCO Thomas, Lee Administrator 10/14/1988
Results of PSD Requirements for WEPCO Inquiry by the State of Wisconsin Kee, David Region 5 09/12/1988
Applicability of PSD Requirements to the Wisconsin Electric Power Company Port Washington Life Extension Project Clay, Don OAR 09/09/1988
EPA Region IX Policy on PSD Permit Extensions Blackard, Wayne Region 9 09/08/1988
Clarification of the Term "Glass Fiber Processing Plant" Crumpler, Dennis OAQPS 08/31/1988
Transfer of Technology in Determining Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) Calcagni, John OAQPS 08/29/1988
Model Accuracy and Uncertainty Laxton, William OAQPS 08/09/1988
Supplemental Guidance on Implementing the North County PSD Remand Calcagni, John OAQPS 07/28/1988
Response to Memo Regarding Reasons why Waste Tires Should be Given an Exemption From EPA' s Requirements for PSD Emison, Gerald OAQPS 07/18/1988
Procedures for EPA to Address Deficient New Source Permits Under the Clean Air Act Alushin, Michael OECA 07/15/1988
Air Quality Analysis for PSD Emison, Gerald OAQPS 07/05/1988
Emissions from Rocket Firing at Test Stands; Fugitive or Point Source Emissions Shafer, Ronald SSCD 06/09/1988
Response to Request for PSD Applicability Determination Calcagni, John OAQPS 06/07/1988
LAER Emission Limits for Automobile and Light-Duty Truck Topcoat Operations Farmer, Jack OAQPS 04/25/1988
Transmittal of OAQPS Interim Control Policy Statement Seitz, John OAQPS 03/31/1988
Opinion in U.S. V. Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, Civil Action No.86-A-1880 Alushin, Michael OECA 03/29/1988
Applicability of NSR Requirements to the Henkel Corporation Rasnic, John SSCD 02/04/1988
Request for Administrator to Initiate Review of PSD Permit for Camden County Resource Recovery Facility Daggett, Christopher Region 2 12/31/1987
Opinion in U.S. vs. Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. D. Colo.; Interpreting Certain PSD Regulations Adams Jr., Thomas OECA 12/23/1987
Resolving Nonattainment NSR Violations by Making Major Sources Minor Miller, Bruce Region 4 12/18/1987
Improving NSR Implementation Potter, J. Craig OAR 12/01/1987
Request for Determination on BACT Issues -- Ogden Martin Tulsa Municipal Waste Incinerator Facility McCutchen, Gary OAQPS 11/19/1987
Approval of Local Implementation Plans Hoffman, Howard OGC 11/18/1987
Response to Inquiry Regarding Environmental Review of Air Emissions From a Landfill Site in Ventura Co. Blackard, Wayne Region 9 11/10/1987
Supplemental PSD Applicability Determination; Cyprus Casa Grande Corporation Copper Mining and Processing Facilities Howekamp, David Region 9 11/06/1987
LAER Applicability Relocated Coating Lines Biondi, Rich SSCD 10/29/1987
Emissions from Landfills Emison, Gerald OAQPS 10/06/1987
Issue Concerning EPA's Position on what Fuel Combustion Equipment should be Counted Toward the 250 Million BTU/hr under PSD Requirements Kee, David Region 5 09/30/1987
Implementation of North County Resource Recovery PSD Remand Emison, Gerald OAQPS 09/22/1987
Ambient Air Definition Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 09/21/1987
Implementation of Revised PSD Program for Particulate Matter Tyler, Darryl CPDD 08/05/1987
Response to BACT Determinations Inquiry from Alabama Department of Environmental Management McCutchen, Gary OAQPS 07/28/1987
Ambient Air Issue from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 07/27/1987
Calculating Amortized Capital Costs Bauman, Robert OAQPS 07/24/1987
Remand -- Honolulu Resource Recovery Facility, Applicant Thomas, Lee Administrator 06/27/1987
Operational Guidance on Control Technology for New and Modified MWC's Emison, Gerald OAQPS 06/26/1987
Administrative Order -- Lake County Waste To Energy Facility Okahumpka, Florida Ravan, Jack Region 4 06/03/1987
Deficient Permit Notification Notice For Lake County Waste to Energy Facility Ravan, Jack Region 4 06/03/1987
UNAMAP 6 Dispersion Modeling with Building Wake Effects Tikvart, Joseph OAQPS 05/29/1987
Reactivation of Noranda Lakeshore Mines' RLA Plant and PSD Review Seitz, John OAQPS 05/27/1987
Salt Water Drift From Cooling Towers McCutchen, Gary OAQPS 05/14/1987
Ambient Monitoring Guidelines for Prevention of Significant Deterioration OAQPS 05/00/1987
Appropriateness of Certain Economic Arguments in BACT Analysis McCutchen, Gary OAQPS 04/23/1987
Clarification of New Source Review Policy on Averaging Times For Production Limitations Seitz, John OAQPS 04/08/1987
Appropriate VOC Emission Limits for the Proposed Pilot Coating Equipment in Maplewood Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 04/06/1987
Request For Guidance in Drafting a SIP Deficiency Notice For Michigan's Nonattainment New Source Review Program Tyler, Darryl CPDD 03/26/1987
Plantwide Definition Of Major Stationary Sources Of Air Pollution Potter, J. Craig OAR 02/27/1987
PSD Applicability Request, Valero Hydrocarbon Company Yoakum, DeWitt County Texas Hathaway, William Region 6 02/18/1987
Region IX NSR/PSD Rule Making Backlog Emison, Gerald OAQPS 02/04/1987
Implementation of the Revised Modeling Guidance for PSD Tyler, Darryl CPDD 01/29/1987
Interpretation of the Policy on Compliance with the Statutory Provisions of Part D Cannon, Joseph OAR 01/09/1987
Need for Emission Cap on Complex Netting Sources Tyler, Darryl CPDD 12/01/1986
Need for Short-Term BACT Analysis for the Proposed William A. Zimmer Power Plant Emison, Gerald OAQPS 11/24/1986
PSD Applicability Request, Valero Transmission Company Yoakum, DeWitt County, Texas Divita, Jack and Hathaway, William Region 6 11/03/1986
New Mexico NSPS/NESHAP Delegation Hathaway, William Region 6 11/03/1986
Applicability of PSD to Portions of a Plant Constructed in Phases Without Permits Tyler, Darryl CPDD 10/21/1986
Ozone Control Strategy - Regional Office Review of Potential in Improvements In New Source Review (NSR) Regulations Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 09/11/1986
Draft PSD Guidance for Impacts of the North County Resource Recovery PSD Remand Tyler, Darryl CPDD 09/11/1986
Follow - up Letter on June 3, 1986 Remand of the North County Resource Recovery Associates PSD Permit in San Marcos, California Howekamp, David Region 9 09/10/1986
North County Resource Recovery Associates PSD Appeal No. 85-2 Howekamp, David Region 9 08/15/1986
PSD Definition of "Modification" Emison, Gerald OAQPS 07/07/1986
Issuance of Permit to Operate Several Air Pollution Sources Operated by AM General Corporation Kee, David Region 5 06/19/1986
Exemption of Dimethyl Acetamide (DMAC) from Regulation Under PSD Review Miller, Bruce Region 4 06/18/1986
Use of Banked ERC's as Both External Offsets and Reasonable Further Progress Reductions Tyler, Darryl CPDD 05/22/1986
North Carolina Air Permits Federal Enforceability Anderson, William Region 4 04/16/1986
Construction Activities Prior to Issuance of a PSD Permit with Respect to "Begin Actual Construction" Reich, Edward SSCD 03/28/1986
Applicability of Nonattainment NSR To Tennessee Valley Authority Shawnee Plant Demonstration Project Tyler, Darryl CPDD 03/28/1986
Time Frames for Determining of Applicability to NSR Reich, Edward SSCD 03/13/1986
Clarification Regarding Which Permits are Federally Enforceable Rarick, Thomas Region 9 12/17/1985
Implementation of Stack Height Regulations - Exceptions from Restrictions on Credit for Merged Stacks Tyler, Darryl CPDD 10/28/1985
Acceptability of Emission Offsets Bauman, Robert OAQPS 10/11/1985
Q & A on Implementing the Revised Stack Height Regulation Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 10/10/1985
NSR Rules Which Apply to the Conversion to Coal at the Hibbard Station Units 3 & 4 Rothblatt, Stephen Region 5 10/07/1985
Indiana Air Pollution Control Board Approves a Modification on a PSD Permit for General Motors in which Two Coal-Fired Boilers are Forgiven a SO2 Control Requirement Adamkus, Valdas Region 5 09/11/1985
Guidance for Proposed Construction at Buckeye Cellulose Corporation Miller, Bruce Region 4 08/29/1985
Revised Draft Policy on Permit Modifications and Extensions Tyler, Darryl CPDD 07/05/1985
Seasonal Afterburner Policy, Applicability of Part D NSR Requirements Bauman, Robert OAQPS 06/28/1985
Improved NSR/PSD Program Transfer Tyler, Darryl CPDD 05/09/1985
NSR Advisory Memo # 1 : TSP PSD Increment Consumption in North Carolina McCutchen, Gary OAQPS 05/03/1985
Applicability Determinations for Columbian Chemical Company Tyler, Darryl CPDD 03/01/1985
Response to a Question Concerning the Use of the Significant Levels for Air Quality Impact as Outlined in Section III.A. of 40 CFR 51, Appendix S. Wilburn, James Region 4 06/12/1984
PSD Applicability to Coal Conversions Reich, Edward SSCD 04/25/1984
Reynolds and Westvaco Plant Proposed Ozone (O3) State Implementation Plan (SIP) Revisions Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 03/15/1984
PSD Increment Consumption Calculations O'Conner, John OAQPS 01/20/1984
Averaging Times for Compliance With VOC Emission Limits - SIP Revision Policy O'Conner, John OAQPS 01/20/1984
Applicability of PSD Increments to Building Rooftops Cannon, Joseph OAR 01/11/1984
Guidance on Enforcement of PSD Requirements Under the Clean Air Act Alushin, Michael OECA 12/14/1983
Closures and Curtailments For Offsets Howekamp, David Region 9 10/26/1983
Accumulation of Deminimis Increases Wilburn, James Region 4 08/15/1983
Requirement to Publish All Significant Final Actions Under Title I of The Clean Air Act Wilburn, James Region 4 08/11/1983
Pollution Control Technical Manual Zeller, Howard Region 4 08/05/1983
Bridgeport Harbor Coal Conversion Reich, Edward SSCD 07/28/1983
PSD Applicability Pulp and Paper Mill Reich, Edward SSCD 07/28/1983
Request by Hawaiian Electric Co. to Burn 2.0% Sulfur Fuel Oil at their Kahe Units #1-5 Meyers, Sheldon OAQPS 07/11/1983
Exclusion of Exempt Solvents From VOC Calculations Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 06/29/1983
Net Emissions Increase Under PSD Meyers, Sheldon OAQPS 06/02/1983
Clarification of EPA Conditional Determination Made on June 9, 1980 Reich, Edward SSCD 05/31/1983
PSD Increment Consumption Guidance Wilburn, James Region 4 05/13/1983
Response to Request for Written Confirmation that the 100-Ton per Year Potential Emission Exemption for Graphic Art Systems Applies to Plantwide Emissions, Not to Each Printing Line Polglase, William OAQPS 05/10/1983
Applicability Determination for Delco Products in Dayton, Ohio Reich, Edward SSCD 05/06/1983
PSD Applicability Determination - Southwestern Public Service Company Reich, Edward SSCD 04/07/1983
Ersna PSD Applicability Determinations Reich, Edward SSCD 03/24/1983
Emissions Trading Policy -- Technical Clarifications Meyers, Sheldon OAQPS 02/17/1983
Policy on Excess Emissions During Startup, Shutdown, Maintenance, and Malfunctions (Clarifying 1982 Policy) Bennett, Kathleen OAR 02/15/1983
Westvaco Paper Mill - PSD Applicability Reich, Edward SSCD 02/08/1983
KPL Applicability Determination Reich, Edward SSCD 02/04/1983
Accumulations of Emissions Biondi, Rich SSCD 01/05/1983
Policy on Excess Emissions During Startup, Shutdown, Maintenance, and Malfunctions Bennett, Kathleen OAR 09/28/1982
Department of Interior Procedures for Determinations of Adverse Impact on Certain Federal Lands under the PSD Program Schneeberg, Sara OAR 08/23/1982
Reactivation of Amerada Hess Corporation's Port Reading Facility and PSD Review Reich, Edward SSCD 07/09/1982
A.I. DuPont Institute PSD Permit Reich, Edward SSCD 05/05/1982
Federal Enforceability Under PSD Bennett, Kathleen OAR 04/28/1982
Response to Kay Phillips Regarding a Review on the Stack Height Regulations and Accompanying Preamble Language Tyler, Darryl CPDD 04/01/1982
An Aluminum Rolling Mill is not a Secondary Metal Production Plant Under 40 CFR 52.21 Reich, Edward SSCD 03/29/1982
PSD Equivalency of Proposed Model Rule for California Barber, Walter OAQPS 10/08/1981
Letter Addressing EPA's Requirements for Nonattainment Areas Reich, Edward SSCD 08/26/1981
Response to a Letter Requesting the Applicability of PSD and/or NSPS to Certain Changes Proposed for a Petroleum Storage Facility Reich, Edward SSCD 08/26/1981
Classification of the Bardstown Fuel Alcohol Company under PSD Reich, Edward SSCD 08/21/1981
Appeal Procedures for PSD Permits Under The Consolidated Permit Regulations Reich, Edward SSCD 08/03/1981
Policy Determinations Regarding PSD Questions Devine, Thomas Region 4 07/31/1981
PSD Applicability for Ashland Chemical's Maleic Anhydride Plant in Neal, West Virginia Reich, Edward SSCD 07/13/1981
PSD Definition of Source Reich, Edward SSCD 06/30/1981
Determination of the Applicability of NSPS and PSD to Stationary Gas Turbines Converting From Middle Distillates to Natural Gas Reich, Edward SSCD 06/24/1981
Applicability Determination for the Richmond Lube Oil Project Reich, Edward SSCD 06/16/1981
PSD Determination: Sun Oil Company and the Definition of Major Modification Reich, Edward SSCD 06/12/1981
Exemption for Certain Fuel Conversions from PSD Review Wilburn, James Region 4 06/07/1981
City of Detroit/General Motors Corporation: Central Industrial Park Adamkus, Valdas Region 5 04/29/1981
Written Response to National Park Service Regarding Concerns over the Limited Time NPS has to Review PSD Permit Applications for Facilities that may Impact Class I Areas Tuerk, Edward OAR 04/08/1981
PSD Questions Reich, Edward SSCD 04/01/1981
PSD Guidance Document National Park Service 04/01/1981
PSD Evaluation of Secondary Emissions for Houston Lighting and Power Tuerk, Edward OAR 03/17/1981
Summary of PSD Policy Determinations made by Region IV Devine, Thomas Region 4 03/11/1981
PSD Applicability to Non-Attainment Pollutants Reich, Edward SSCD 03/04/1981
EPA, FWS, NPS Coordination Procedures for Determining Air Quality Impact in Region IV Class I Areas Devine, Thomas Region 4 02/26/1981
Source Applicability Under the Interpretative Ruling Reich, Edward SSCD 02/24/1981
Baseline Date in Determining Net Emissions Increases Tyler, Darryl CPDD 02/13/1981
Applicability of NSPS and PSD Requirements to a Proposed Fuel Conversion Reich, Edward SSCD 02/11/1981
Petitions for Review of PSD Regulations Trutna, Michael OAQPS 02/09/1981
PSD Significance Levels for Monitoring Tyler, Darryl CPDD 02/01/1981
Classification of Ethanol Fuel Plants under PSD Reich, Edward SSCD 01/22/1981
Memo on PSD Applicability Determination for an Ethanol Plant Reich, Edward SSCD 01/22/1981
RACT/LEAR Determination for Casket Coaters Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 12/24/1980
Revised Seasonal Afterburner Policy Barber, Walter OAQPS 12/01/1980
Request for Extension on PSD Permit for Indianapolis Power and Light Company Barber, Walter OAQPS 11/26/1980
Guidance on PSD Applicability for Refuse-to-Energy Facilities Reich, Edward SSCD 11/25/1980
Completeness of PSD Applications Barber, Walter OAQPS 11/03/1980
Definition of "Installation" in Nonattainment Regulations Barber, Walter OAQPS 10/24/1980
PSD and NSPS Applicability to a Reactivated Source Reich, Edward SSCD 10/03/1980
PSD Workshop Manual (1980) OAQPS 10/01/1980
The Use of Permit Conditions to Define Potential to Emit Rhoads, Richard OAQPS 08/22/1980
Request for Confirmation of the Definition of a 100-Ton Source as Applied to Controls in the Gasoline Storage and Marketing Chain Helms, G. Tom OAQPS 08/08/1980
PSD Applicability Determination - Babylon 2 Reich, Edward SSCD 08/08/1980
PSD Applicability: TEX-USS High Density Polyethylene Plant Reich, Edward SSCD 07/17/1980
Applicability of PSD and NSPS to Northern States Power Company Reich, Edward SSCD 07/07/1980
PSD Applicability: Industrial Scrap Processing Company Reich, Edward SSCD 07/07/1980
PSD and NSPS Applicability Determination for Guardian Industries' Flat Glass Plant in Corsicana, Texas Reich, Edward SSCD 06/19/1980
Old Sources being Brought On Line - PSD Applicability Pfaff, Roger Region 4 06/18/1980
PSD Applicability: Coal Blending Reich, Edward SSCD 06/18/1980
PSD Applicability, South Hospah Mine Reich, Edward SSCD 06/09/1980
PSD Applicability; Asphalt Concrete Plants Reich, Edward SSCD 06/09/1980
NSR Requirements in Areas Unclassified for Ozone Rhoads, Richard OAQPS 05/27/1980
Shell Oil Company Wilmington Complex Specification of Source Reich, Edward SSCD 05/16/1980
Boilout under PSD Reich, Edward SSCD 05/05/1980
PSD Analysis for SIP Relaxation in Metropolitan Boston Air Pollution Control District - Eastman Gelatin Reich, Edward SSCD 04/29/1980
Applicability of PSD Under the Stay Reich, Edward SSCD 04/25/1980
PSD Applicability Determination Reich, Edward SSCD 04/24/1980
Federal Enforceability of Offsets in SIP Programs Hawkins, David OAR 04/14/1980
Exemptions form PSD Permit Requirements for Coal Conversions Resulting from DOE Prohibition Orders Reich, Edward SSCD 04/11/1980
NSR Requirements for Lead Rhoads, Richard OAQPS 04/08/1980
PSD Permit Enforceability - Annual Fuel Limitations Reich, Edward SSCD 03/25/1980
PSD Increment Baseline Beal, Bill OAQPS 03/13/1980
Agreement that the PSD Regulations Require a Source to Commence Construction Reich, Edward SSCD 03/11/1980
Phased Permits for PSD Weigold, James OAQPS 03/11/1980
Emission Offset Requirements in Secondary Standard Total Suspended Particulate Plans Hawkins, David OAR 03/10/1980
General Applicability of the Existing PSD Regulations, Promulgated June 19,1978, and the Amendments Proposed September 5, 1979 Wilson, Richard OE 03/05/1980
Maintenance Program for Existing Gas Turbines Reich, Edward SSCD 01/09/1980
PSD Applicability Reich, Edward SSCD 01/09/1980
Do Glass Manufacturing Plants Belong Under the Chemical Processing Plant Category Barber, Walter OAQPS 12/21/1979
Clarification of the Federal Air Pollution Regulation for the PSD as it Applies to Municipal Incinerators Reich, Edward SSCD 12/19/1979
PSD Performance Testing for IC Engines Reich, Edward SSCD 11/14/1979
B. F. Goodrich - PSD modification Reich, Edward SSCD 10/23/1979
PSD Requirements for Reactivated Sources Spratlin, William Region 7 10/09/1979
PSD Guidance, 40 CFR 52.21 (b)(2)(d) - Definition of "Capable of Accommodating" Pfaff, Roger Region 4 09/19/1979
Permitting Multi-Phase Construction Under PSD Regulations Reich, Edward SSCD 08/20/1979
EPA Quality Assurance Policy Statement Finger, James Region 4 07/06/1979
Notification to Federal Land Managers Under Section 165(d) of the Clean Air Act Hawkins, David OAR 07/06/1979
Impact of Clean Air Act Nonattainment Sanctions Hawkins, David OAR 06/08/1979
PSD Determination - Consolidated Edison of New York Reich, Edward SSCD 06/06/1979
Submission of State Air Permits as SIP Revisions Rhoads, Richard OAQPS 05/25/1979
Applicability of the PSD Regulations to Power Plants that are Certified by DOE as "Peak-load Power Plants" Reich, Edward SSCD 05/16/1979
PSD Regulations Reich, Edward SSCD 05/11/1979
Fuel Conversion from Natural Gas to Distillate Fuel Oil - Chemplex Reich, Edward SSCD 04/16/1979
Emissions from Ships Unloading at a Dock Reich, Edward SSCD 04/12/1979
PSD and NSPS Applicability PEPCO Dickerson Generating Station Unit #4 Reich, Edward SSCD 04/12/1979
Enforceability Requirements under Condition 2 of the Emission Offset Policy Reich, Edward SSCD 04/02/1979
Applicability of PSD to the Consolidated Edison Company Reich, Edward SSCD 03/26/1979
PSD Applicability - Public Service Electric and Gas Company Reich, Edward SSCD 03/26/1979
Notification to Federal Land Manager Under Section 165(d) of the Clean Air Act Hawkins, David OAR 03/19/1979
Position Regarding Concurrent Review Under PSD and the Offset Policy Reich, Edward SSCD 03/16/1979
Definition of Source Reich, Edward SSCD 03/16/1979
Policy Decisions With Regard To The Applicability Of The Clean Air Act Requirements To The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Hawkins, David OAR 02/27/1979
Emission Offset Policy - Determination of Replacement Facility Reich, Edward SSCD 02/27/1979
Public Notices Dated Jan. 19, 1979 to Branch Chiefs Devine, Thomas Region 4 01/19/1979
BACT Determinations for Power Plants Subject to Revised NSPS Barber, Walter OAQPS 01/10/1979
Guidance for Determining BACT Under PSD Hawkins, David OAR 01/04/1979
BACT Information for Coal-Fired Power Plants Barber, Walter OAQPS 12/22/1978
Interpretation of "Constructed" as it Applies to Activities Undertaken Prior to Issuance of a PSD Permit Reich, Edward SSCD 12/18/1978
Baseline Value for PSD Increment Consumption Reich, Edward SSCD 12/11/1978
PSD Applicability - Temporary Emissions Reich, Edward SSCD 12/11/1978
National Asphalt Pavement Association Questions and Answers on PSD Tyler, Darryl CPDD 11/29/1978
Applicability of the PSD Regulations to a Modification at the Little America Refinery Wyckoff, Peter OAR 11/22/1978
Issuance of PSD Permit to Sources Impacting Dirty and Clean Air Areas Reich, Edward SSCD 11/15/1978
BACT Baseline for Louisa Generating Station Trutna, Michael OAQPS 11/15/1978
Deadline for Commencement of Construction of the Eastport Refinery Hawkins, David OAR 10/31/1978
BACT for NOx Emissions from Oil Field Steam Generators Reich, Edward SSCD 10/26/1978
Source Construction Prior to Issuance of PSD Permit Reich, Edward SSCD 10/10/1978
PSD Reconstruction Requirements American Cyanamid Company Reich, Edward SSCD 10/05/1978
Interpretation of Section 52.21(i)(5) of the PSD Regulations Reich, Edward SSCD 10/04/1978
PSD - Routine Maintenance Repair and Replacement Reich, Edward SSCD 10/03/1978
BACT Exemptions in PSD Review Reich, Edward SSCD 09/29/1978
PSD Increment Consumption Question Tyler, Darryl CPDD 09/29/1978
Response to Question on whether the Combustion of Municipal Sewage Sludge would Qualify as "Municipal Solid Waste" under the Exemption Provided in Section IV.B. of the Draft Changes to EPA's Emission Offset Interpretive Ruling Berry, D. Kent OAQPS 09/18/1978
Conditional PSD Permits Reich, Edward SSCD 09/13/1978
Applicability Determination for PSD- Hot Mix Asphalt Operations Bergman, Howard Region 6 09/01/1978
Inherent Control - Hot-Mix Asphalt Industry Barber, Walter OAQPS 08/18/1978
Interpretation of Section 52.21(i) (3) of the Regulations for the PSD Requirement Bernstein, Joan OGC 08/18/1978
Proposed Revision to the Missouri Implementation Plan Pertaining to Charcoal Kilns Reich, Edward SSCD 08/10/1978
When is a Source Required to Undergo Review For Both Offsets and PSD Durning, Marvin OE 07/28/1978
PSD Permit for the Marblehead Lime Company Reich, Edward SSCD 07/21/1978
PSD Requirements Reich, Edward SSCD 07/14/1978
PSD Requirements Roth, Stuart Region 2 07/14/1978
Vinyl Chloride Barge Loading - Mantua Terminals Reich, Edward SSCD 07/05/1978
"Commence Construction" Under PSD Reich, Edward SSCD 07/01/1978
IPALCO's Proposed Patriot, Indiana Generating Station Reich, Edward SSCD 06/22/1978
Impact of Secondary Emissions in NSRs Hawkins, David OAR 06/13/1978
Applicability of PSD Regulations Reich, Edward SSCD 06/12/1978
Interpretation of PSD Regulations as they Apply to CIBRO, Albany, New York Reich, Edward SSCD 06/01/1978
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation, Monessen Coke Battery No. 1; Evaluation of Corporation Proposed Rehabilitation and NSR Applicability Determination Wilson, Richard OE 05/22/1978
Applicability of Section 169 of the CAA (PSD) in Respect to the Control of Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions from New Geothermal Power Plants in California Reich, Edward SSCD 05/01/1978
Applicability of PSD to Carter Oil Company Pilot Plant Barber, Walter OAQPS 04/24/1978
Offset Policy - Marathon Oil Company, Garyville, Louisiana Reich, Edward SSCD 04/11/1978
PSD Determination, Portland Cement Plant Reich, Edward SSCD 04/10/1978
PSD Determination - Pittston Petroleum Refinery, Eastport, Maine Reich, Edward SSCD 04/05/1978
Applicability of PSD Requirements to Asphalt Plants Reich, Edward SSCD 03/30/1978
BACT Applicability for Coke Oven Batteries Reich, Edward SSCD 03/30/1978
Jewell Coal And Coke Company - Applicability Of Condition 2 Of The Interpretative Ruling Reich, Edward SSCD 03/28/1978
LAER Standards - U.S.S. Corporation Reich, Edward SSCD 03/23/1978
PSD Determination Cabot Corporation - Fuel Conversion Reich, Edward SSCD 03/20/1978
MAYTEP, Determination of Applicability Reich, Edward SSCD 02/13/1978
PSD Applicability Determination; Commenced Construction Reich, Edward SSCD 02/13/1978
Applicability of PSD to Pennsylvania Power and Light Auxiliary Boiler Reich, Edward SSCD 01/27/1978
Applicability of the Emission Offset Policy Reich, Edward SSCD 01/25/1978
Determination of Interpretative Ruling (IR) Reich, Edward SSCD 01/05/1978
Resumption of Operation at Portland General Electric's Harborton Plant Reed, Lloyd Region 10 01/01/1978
Offset Requirements for U.S. Steel's Fairfield Modernization Wilson, Richard OE 12/30/1977
Stationary Source Enforcement Cohen, Eric Region 5 11/23/1977
Contingency Plan for FGD Systems During Downtime as a Function of PSD Reich, Edward SSCD 11/09/1977
Offset Credit; G. M. Plant, Shreveport, LA Reich, Edward SSCD 11/03/1977
Request for Concurrence as to Applicability of PSD and NSPS Regulations to Marblehead Lime Company Proposed Lime Plant Reich, Edward SSCD 11/02/1977
PSD Applicability Determination - ARCO Petroleum Refinery Reich, Edward SSCD 11/01/1977
Application of PSD Review to a Portland Cement Manufacturing Operation, Texas Industries, Inc. Reich, Edward SSCD 10/17/1977
NSR Modeling Emission Baselines Reich, Edward SSCD 10/17/1977
Determination of Emission Points Subject to LAER Reich, Edward SSCD 09/30/1977
Interpretation of Offset Policy Reich, Edward SSCD 09/15/1977
PSD Applicability to Exxon Chemical Modification, Baytown, Texas Reich, Edward SSCD 09/08/1977
Administrator's Decision on PSD Issue -- Review of New Source's Ability to Meet BACT Costle, Douglas Administrator 08/23/1977
Interpretative Ruling: Allowable Emissions Baseline Barber, Walter OAQPS 07/15/1977
Response to Letter Requesting Clarification on Determination that the "Emission Offset" Ruling (41 FR 55525) Does Not Apply to FEA's Choctaw Salt Dome Project Barber, Walter OAQPS 06/17/1977
Applicability of PSD Increments Over Company Property Barber, Walter OAQPS 05/23/1977
Emissions Offset Policy - City of Philadelphia Reich, Edward SSCD 05/16/1977
Response to Request for Determination as to whether EPA's "Emission Offset" Policy (41 FR 55525) Applies to FEA's Strategic Petroleum Reserve Program Barber, Walter OAQPS 05/06/1977
PSD Determination of Applicability - UMD Coal Gasification Plant Reich, Edward SSCD 05/02/1977
Emission Offset Policy Rasnic, John SSCD 04/13/1977
Response to Question Concerning whether the Requirements for Preconstruction Review of New or Modified Air Pollution Sources Apply to the Relocation of an Existing Asphalt Concrete Plant when such Relocation does not Result in any Increase in Emissions Barber, Walter OAQPS 04/08/1977
PSD Applicability Determination - Ideal Basic Reich, Edward SSCD 04/01/1977
Response to Action Memorandum - Policy for New Sources in Non-Attainment Areas, Hampton Roads Oil Refinery Tuerk, Edward OAR 03/17/1977
Interpretation of 40 CFR 52.21 Federal Regulations for the Prevention of Significant Air Quality Deterioration (PSD) Reich, Edward SSCD 03/09/1977
Gray Iron Foundry not Subject to PSD Mayfield, D. Randall OAQPS 01/18/1977
Is Fuel Switching Subject to PSD Review Trutna, Michael OAQPS 12/23/1976
Tall Stack Policy and its Relationship With PSD Strelow, Roger OAWM 12/22/1976
PSD Issues at Federal Paperboard Plant Rhoads, Richard OAQPS 12/17/1976
Additional Guidance on Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Regulations Strelow, Roger OAWM 09/28/1976
PSD Review Requirements for Modified Petroleum Refineries Stoll, Richard OGC 08/25/1976
Clarification of Current Air Program Issues Rhoads, Richard OAQPS 07/09/1976
PSD Regulations - Interpretation of "Commencement of Construct" Strelow, Roger OAWM 04/01/1976
Clarification of Sources Subject to PSD Review Berry, D. Kent OAQPS 01/20/1976
Response to Appeal Dated May 21, 1992 From Reserve Coal Properties Company Erickson, Edwin Region 3
Baseline Period for Determining the Net Change in Emissions - RR Donnelley Printing Company Henry, Kathleen Region 3
Renovation and Repair of the Tanquisson Power Plant (Guam) Howekamp, David Region 9
Offsets in Non-classifiable Areas Lillis, Ed and Helms, G. Tom OAQPS
Colorado's Proposed Short Term Limits Policy Long, Richard Region 8
Cumulative Environmental Impacts from Electric Generating Stations McCabe, Michael Region 3
Cumulative Impacts on the Air Quality Related Values (AQRVs) of Shenandoah National Park McCabe, Michael Region 3
NOx Controls For Existing Utility Boilers Neuffer, Bill OAQPS
Interim Policy on Stack Height Regulatory Actions Potter, J. Craig OAR
PSD Determination - Baseline Reich, Edward SSCD
Order Denying Review -- Hadson Power 12 - Alta Vista Applicant Reilly, William Administrator
Response to Follow-up Questions From the Hearing on "Air Quality Issues Affecting Our Forests and Public Lands." Reilly, William Administrator
Response to Letter by Golden Aluminum Requesting EPA Reconsider a Final PSD Applicability Determination Rosenberg, William OAR
Potential Enforcement Action Against Masonite Corporation Seitz, John OAQPS
Identification of Candidates for BACT Determinations Seitz, John OAQPS
Georgetown Cogeneration Project as a Minor Source Turlinski, Bernard Region 3
NSPS Subpart DD Applicability Determination Request Wiese, Betty Region 10
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region PSD Permit Completeness Determination National Forest Service
BACT Fugitive Emissions of Hydrocarbons

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