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Region 7 Air Program

Serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and 9 Tribal Nations

Section 111(d) Plans

Section 111, 42 U.S.C. §7411, of the Clean Air Act requires EPA to develop regulations for categories of sources which cause or significantly contribute to air pollution which may endanger public health or welfare.

Such regulations apply to each new source within a category without regard to source location or existing air quality. Section 111(d) of the Act requires states to develop plans for existing sources of noncriteria pollutants (i.e., a pollutant for which there is no national ambient air quality standard) whenever EPA promulgates a standard for a new source. These are called Section 111(d) plans and are subject to EPA review and approval.

Examples of source categories subject to 111(d) are existing municipal solid waste landfills, municipal waste combustors, sulfuric acid plants, primary aluminum reduction plants, and the phosphate fertilizer manufacturing facilities.

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