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Region 7 Air Program

Serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and 9 Tribal Nations

Air Operating Permit Program

Operating Permit Rules & Statute
Compliance Assurance Monitoring
State Operating Permit Programs
Federal Operating Permit Programs
Title IV Acid Rain Permits
Clean Air Act
Region 7 Title V Contacts
Mark Smith
Chief, Air Permitting and Compliance Branch
(913) 551-7876

David Peter
Iowa Title V Coordinator
(913) 551-7397

Ward Burns
Kansas Title V Coordinator
(913) 551-7960

Robert Cheever
Missouri Title V Coordinator
(913) 551-7980

Pat Scott
Nebraska Title V Coordinator
(913) 551-7312

Bob Webber
Tribal Title V Coordinator
(913) 551-7251

Jon Knodel
(913) 551-7622

Operating permits are legally enforceable documents issued to air pollution sources after they have begun to operate. Title V operating permits are required at most large "major" sources and some smaller "area" sources of air pollution. This requirement comes from Title V of the Clean Air Act, as amended in 1990.

Title V permits, often called Part 70 permits, are issued under the authority in 40 CFR Part 70. Most Title V permits are issued by State and local permitting authorities. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also issues Title V permits, under Part 71, to sources in Indian country and in other situations, as needed.

Title V permits...
  • Create legally-enforceable documents designed to improve compliance by clarifying what facilities must do to control air pollution.
  • Include all applicable pollution-control requirements from federal or state regulations that apply to a source.
  • Allow state and local agencies to collect emission based fees to help carry out their air pollution control objectives.
State & Local Permitting Programs

Each of the four Region 7 states and two local agencies operate fully approved Title V programs. For more information on contacts, public notices, permits, links to the state permit websites and permit forms select the state of interest.
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Lincoln Lancaster, Omaha

Title V Policy and Guidance Database

EPA has issued over 230 policy and guidance documents that help to interpret the Part 70 and 71 permit requirements. Use the tools below to search documents containing keywords or phrases of interest.
On-line Title V Database, Title V Document Index By Title, Author, and Date, Download Title V Database, OAQPS Title V Policy & Guidance Memos

Title V Petition Database

Title V allows the public to petition the EPA Administrator to object to specific permits or operating permit program deficiencies when it has provided timely comment to the permitting authority during the public review period. For a compilation of petitions, responses and other documents received during the Title V Operating Permit Program petition process, see the Title V Petition Database.

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