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Protect the Environment: Report Spills and Environmental Violations

Community Right-To-Know laws and regulations were written specifically with you, the citizen, in mind. They are based on the principle that the more you and your neighbors know about hazardous chemicals in your community, the better prepared your community will be to manage these potential hazards and to improve public safety and health as well as environmental quality. By volunteering to work with your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and engaging in a dialogue with local industry, you can play a major role in making the laws work.
The laws require industry and others to give you information on potential chemical hazards and inventories, releases of toxic chemicals into the environment, accident scenarios, and prevention practices.
There are several ways you can become involved in obtaining and using this information to enhance the quality of life in your community:

These laws give you the opportunity to become directly involved in the decisions that affect your safety and health. Your knowledge of and participation in these programs can help ensure that they accomplish their goals in your community.

For more information, check out the "Chemicals in Your Community" (PDF) (24 pp, 1.53MB, About PDF) pamphlet.

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