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The Hillsdale Water Quality Project Inc. was initiated as a result of a petition by a group of citizens in this watershed who were concerned about the reservoir's future as a drinking water source and a recreational asset. Their broad objectives were to maintain the lake's quality and avoid further deterioration.

The Hillsdale Project is the focal point which will help guide the area's activities toward protecting the lake. Those within the community and partners from various agencies have directed EPA's Section 319 funds through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and combined them with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) funds toward priority areas within the watershed. The role of the Lake and Watershed Ombudsman has been to establish and broker innovative partnerships and solutions.

Hillsdale Water Quality Project Goals

Volunteers serving on the Board of Directors adopted four long-term goals for the project. They are:

Feedlot near Hillsdale Lake

Recent Accomplishments

The team staff leveraged EPA's Clean Water Act 319 grant funds, USDA and state funds to pay for the cost of the project. The following team actions have provided a direct cost savings and more efficient and effective use of the project's funds:

'Race for the Lake' Participants

The Designated Priority Area

The project's stream monitoring data has shown that Big Bull Creek carries the largest amount of pollutants into the lake. For this reason, the Big Bull sub watershed continues to be the project's priority area. Located in the north-central portion of the Hillsdale watershed, it comprises about 30 percent of the total watershed and receives effluent from the Gardner and Edgerton wastewater treatment plants. The KCPL Prairie Wetland was constructed adjacent to Gardner's treatment plant to help reduce the amount of pollutants in the plant's outflow before reaching the lake.

Race for the Lake

Race for the Lake , a 5K run/walk and an annual fundraiser for the project, takes place the third week of September. The scenic course park entrance. Participation in the event doubled the second year and about 200 runners are expected for the third annual race Sept. 16, 2000.

Area Map

General Watershed Information

CBEP Team Project Goals

EPA's staff on the Hillsdale CBEP team are technical consultants to the Board of Directors. The CBEP team has also established specific goals. They are:

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