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Istra River Basin Small Watershed Management Project

Istra River Basin Small Watershed Management Project.

The second international CBEP project that EPA Region 7 developed was the Istra River Basin Small Watershed Management Project. It was a successful, three-year joint U.S./Russian environmental management project within the Istra Region, Moscow Oblast of the Russian Federation.

Evidence provided by prominent Russian organizations and public health and environmental agencies indicated that the water supply for the City of Moscow was threatened by contamination from industrial and agricultural wastes and the environmental load from the large population in the Moscow Oblast. Since the Istra River system, located northwest of Moscow, provides approximately 15-20 percent of the drinking water for the City, more than 12 million Russian citizens were at risk for health problems.

Initiation of the Istra Project

In 1994, EPA signed a cooperative agreement with the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University, designating the Center as the principal subcontractor responsible for implementing the Istra Project in Russia. EPA Region 7 was responsible for oversight and management of the cooperative agreement. The Istra Project introduced environmental management methods to address the water quality problems observed in the Istra River watershed.

Project Components

Istra Project, which officially began in 1995, consisted of the following primary CBEP components:

Project Accomplishments

The use of the watershed management approach in the Istra Region yielded significant and important results. All milestones in the project's composition timetable were successfully achieved, resulting in a management plan for the Istra watershed, with specific environmental protection recommendations and measures for the Istra Region.

All operating parties (ministries, state committees, Oblast, and regional administrations) endorsed the plan. The cooperative implementation and management structure established by the Istra Project has created professional working framework and structure to support the plan's implementation.

Specific Goals

Specific goals established within individual project components included:

Istra Project

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