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The Kansas River Watershed Enhancement Initiative

The Kansas (Kaw) River watershed is one of the most vital, heavily populated, and environmentally threatened ecosystems in the State of Kansas. Run-off of herbicides from farmland, fecal coliform bacteria from livestock operations and municipal wastewater treatment plants, and sand from dredging operations present the greatest threats to the river's ecology and water quality.

The goal of the Kansas River Watershed Enhancement Initiative (KRWEI) is to facilitate the preservation, enhancement, and appreciation of the cultural and natural resources of the Kaw watershed through partnerships with grassroots organizations, citizens, and state and local government entities. This goal is being realized primarily through EPA's support of, and participation in, the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance (KVHA). This nonprofit organization has over 40 partners, including federal and state agencies, municipalities, universities, other nonprofit organizations, and private citizens.

EPA Region 7 and KVHA Partners

Kansas River Recreational Activity

Recent KVHA Accomplishments

Current KVHA Activities

Streamlink Day Camp 2000 - Collecting Microinvertebrates

How can You Help Conserve and Protect Kaw Valley Habitat?

Other Activities of KRWEI

Area Map

Why Should We Protect the Kansas River?

EPA Region 7 Contact

Kathleen L. Fenton
CARE Program Manager
(913) 551-7874

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