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Ukraine EIA Demonstration Project

All EPA regions are paired to work with foreign countries through EPA's Office of International and Tribal Affairs. Ukraine's Pasichna oil field was selected as the site for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) demonstration project jointly sponsored by EPA and the U.S. Agency for International Development. A key activity of this project was a baseline assessment of gas contamination from 140 years of past oil and gas production.

All the pertinent Ukrainian parties agreed to participate in the project. Environmental Public Advocacy Centers/Eco-Pravo in Lviv provided experienced staff for both public participation and legal advice on compliance with Ukrainian environmental laws. Numerous visits were made by each of the component leaders to facilitate our Ukrainian partners' success with this demonstration project.

In addition, it is hoped that upon completion, by investigating modern technology as part of the feasibility study and methods to avoid future contamination, foreign investors may be attracted to the Pasichna oil field.

Ukrainian Countryside

Initiation of the Project

The Institute of Ecology of the Ivano-Frankivsk State Technical University of Oil & Gas (STUOG) was granted a license in April 1997 to perform EIAs and has completed negotiations with Ukranafta to prepare 26 EIAs on oil field developments in the region. In a recent reorganization of JSC Ukranafta, those developments are now under Ukranafta control in Kyiv, Ukraine.

EPA experts worked with the Institute of Ecology, the Nadvirna Oil and Gas Enterprise, and the Ukranafta Scientific Investigation Laboratory in Ivano-Frankivsk. The team conducted an EIA demonstration for the proposed development and expansion of the Pasichna oil field. As this oil field lies below two other fields, Bitkiv oil field and Bitkiv gas field, the EIA demonstration project evaluated the existing baseline conditions in an area about 6 km by 22 km.

In March 1998, the trilateral agreement between United Nations Development Programme, Ukranafta, and STUOG was signed for implementation of the EIA project.

Project Components

This EIA Demonstration Project consisted of the following components:

A public scoping meeting in the village of Pniv

Project Accomplishments

Through continued interaction and the coordination of efforts, capacity was built to conduct an effective and thorough EIA within Southwest Ukraine. This project has created clarity for the roles and responsibilities for each of the technical experts, public involvement professionals, and local government staff. Completion of this project is scheduled for 2000. This model is expected to be utilized in other areas of Ukraine, which will help indicate the true environmental status of the area.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important tool in helping design cost effective projects and is used to prevent any continued and unnecessary damage to the environment. The goal of the Demonstration EIA Project is to demonstrate that EPA procedures will work in Ukraine and will benefit business development, the community, and the environment.

The main features of an EIA are:

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