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Asbestos Safety Information

Asbestos Information for People Returning to Flood or Tornado Damaged Properties

Persons involved in disaster clean-up efforts may sometimes be exposed to asbestos-containing materials. Therefore, use of a respirator is strongly encouraged. NIOSH-rated N-100, R-100 or P-100 respirators provide the minimum level of respiratory protection that can be considered adequate protection from inhalation of asbestos fibers. However, even with the use of such respirators, there is still some level of risk for untrained persons. Adequate respiratory protection can only be assured for individuals who have been trained, certified, and fit-tested.

Respirators may provide little or no protection if worn improperly. Therefore, people should carefully follow the instructions provided with the respirator to assure it is worn properly. People should consider hiring an asbestos-certified contractor if a large amount of asbestos-containing material is present. N-95 respirators DO NOT provide adequate protection from asbestos exposure. They are not recommended for this use and should not be worn for this purpose.

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