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Iowa Flooding Response

Picture of Randy Schademan helping collect drums floating in the Cedar River just south of Cedar Rapids

EPA helping retrieve orphan containers in Iowa

EPA Region 7 is teaming up with the Iowa DNR and National Guard to identify and retrieve orphan drums and tanks and household hazardous wastes that were swept away by flood waters in Iowa. Orphan drums and tanks are potentially hazardous, and will be collected and transferred to a temporary storage location for further evaluation before being sent to a landfill, scrap yard or hazardous waste facility for final disposal. Pictured is EPA On-Scene Coordinator Randy Schademann (right) helping collect drums floating in the Cedar River just south of Cedar Rapids.

Sampling Results

Flood Recovery Fliers

Get Rid of Mold (PDF) (1 pp, 169K About PDF)
Check HVAC for Mold (PDF) (1 pp, 162K About PDF)
Wash Your Hands (PDF) (1 pp, 91K About PDF)
Keep Food Safe (PDF) (1 pp, 330K About PDF)
Household Hazardous Waste (PDF) (2 pp, 143K About PDF)
Return Home Safely (PDF) (2 pp, 109K About PDF)

News Releases

7/14 News Release (air sampling/monitoring show no health risk)
7/10 News Release (household hazardous waste curbside collection in Parkersburg)
7/9 News Release (report orphan containers)
7/8 News Release (household hazardous waste collection in Madison County)
7/7 News Release (recycling e-goods)
7/3 News Release (beware of scams)
7/2 News Release (air sampling/monitoring)
7/1 News Release ($4M more in FEMA support)

Informational Websites

Recovering from a flood
Después de las inundaciones
Household hazardous waste
Asbestos safety information

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