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The following is a list of activities that are part of EPA's objectives and goals in continuing the work of its partnership with Lincoln University.


Environmental Science Partnership (ESP) Project

The primary goals of the Environmental Science Partnership (ESP) Project are to:

  • Support and/or strengthen and build environmental programs at targeted minority service institutions;
  • Increase pool of available qualified and diverse applicants;
  • Create research capabilities for students and faculty; motivate high school and college students to
    pursue environmental careers;
  • Establish and/or enrich our partnerships with minority institutions committed to protecting human health and the environment
  • Support the President’s Management Agenda as it relates to the strategic management of Human Capital
    (i.e., identifying and hiring talented individuals using innovative and progressive tools for recruitment)
  • Support Presidential Executive Orders 13256 (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), 13125 (Increasing Participation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders), 13230 (Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans), and 13270 (Tribal Colleges and Universities).

The project emphasizes curriculum enhancement, student development pre-college programs, collaborative initiatives, faculty development, and human capital.

Midwest Technical and Virtual Resource Center for Environmental Justice

EPA grants significantly aid Lincoln University in research, community involvement and support. In December 2002, EPA awarded a grant to Lincoln University to establish the Midwest Technical and Virtual Resource Center for Environmental Justice. The center provides technical assistance and other environmental support to communities in low-income / minority areas of the Bootheel area of Missouri. For example, the center provides compliance assistance for two Bootheel communities potentially affected by poor drinking water.

EPA presents Grant to LU for Center

EPA at Missouri Black Expo

EPA Internships

Each year, several EPA employees visited the Lincoln University campus to accept resumes for internships at EPA facilities during the summer. Recruitment is critical in order for EPA to employ well-trained, qualified minority scientists and engineers to perform environmental research, develop programs, and to meet the technological needs of the future.
Missouri Black Expo

The Missouri Black Expo is an annual consumer exposition designed to provide attendees with access to valuable resources that address issues that are vital to the ongoing growth and development of the African-American community. At the Expo, EPA employees discuss the partnership and benefits with patrons.
Fall Recruitment at LU

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