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Memorandum of Understanding

The goal of the program described in this MOU is to provide a mechanism for the development of activities which will lead to the strengthening and growth of mutually beneficial educational, scientific and technical programs conducted jointly and independently at Lincoln University.


Recognizing the unique resources offered by Lincoln, the ongoing environmental science activities, and the high potential for expanding environmental science, research, and training programs in areas of interest to EPA, this MOU is being initiated to formalize joint program activities that will assist Lincoln to enhance its research and educational capabilities, and assist EPA in achieving its mission. The following activities are the type of joint ventures contemplated through this program:

1. Joint Research Projects - Lincoln will participate in research sponsored by EPA either through submitting proposals for grants and/or cooperative agreements directly to EPA's Office of Research and Development or through joint collaboration with other EPA components.

2. Faculty Research Participation - Visits of Lincoln faculty, staff, and students to EPA facilities for consultations, meetings, workshops, short courses, and research participation will be encouraged and facilitated. Temporary faculty appointments may be offered during summer periods and, when appropriate, may be sponsored for longer-term research participation. Such appointments shall be within Lincoln's discretion.

3. Student Internships and Employment - Lincoln students will be encouraged to take advantage of the many programs that exist at EPA-operated facilities that are designed for student research participation and training. Current programs that allow undergraduate students to gain valuable experience and training during the academic year and/or the summer as cooperative education employees or summer employees will be encouraged. In concert with EPA, Lincoln will identify graduate and undergraduate students who will participate in the existing Summer Intern or Cooperative Education Program. Vacancy announcements will be furnished to Lincoln for posting.

4. Technical Assistance - EPA will provide assistance to Lincoln with development of proposals where those proposals relate to EPA's mission. EPA may visit Lincoln for consultations, meetings, workshops, and seminars.

5. Lincoln/EPA Staff/Faculty Appointments - Lincoln will offer, within its discretion, adjunct faculty appointments for EPA staff who are significantly participating in this program. EPA will grant visiting scientist status to Lincoln staff members significantly participating in the program. Assignments for EPA employees will be encouraged.

6. Mini Courses/Lectures/Seminar Speakers - EPA will inform Lincoln about educational support that can be offered through the Agency, including: mini-courses, lectures, and seminars covering biology, chemistry, engineering, physical science, environmental science, waste disposal, and other subjects based on EPA expertise and school requirements.

7. Equipment Loans - EPA will provide excess and surplus research, scientific equipment and office furniture to Lincoln that meet the needs of current and planned education, research and/or training programs, particularly in Engineering, Physical and Life Sciences Departments. The equipment loaned by EPA will remain the property of EPA until transferred to Lincoln in accordance with Federal property regulations. Lincoln, with separate research components, may participate in the equipment loan program. EPA will pay the cost of transporting equipment to Lincoln or share the cost as agreed upon by EPA and Lincoln. When EPA pays the full transportation cost, the gaining institution must present a statement certifying funds are not available to support moving the equipment.

8. Outreach Program - EPA may provide assistance to Lincoln in developing programs to attract minorities and females to careers in environmental science by providing students with experience beginning in pre-college programs grades 10 through 12. The program will be designed to enhance academic skills, career awareness, and exposure to practicing environmental scientists.

9. Grant Assistance - EPA and/or MDNR may provide grant assistance to Lincoln University in accordance with their respective mission and purpose, and within the resource capacity of Lincoln University.

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