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Fry Guys Pollution Prevention Activity

Developed by Becky Shannon
Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Purpose:  To strengthen participants' understanding of pollution prevention by exploring pollution/waste management options in a mock industrial setting. Participants should have previously been introduced to the concept of source reduction and to the pollution prevention hierarchy.

Materials:  Flipchart or writeboard with writing utensils

Time Required:  10 - 15 minutes

Prepare ahead of time a flipchart page as follows:

" Our Spuds Aren't Duds"
Problem: Too much waste
- Notice of Violation from regulatory agency
- Expensive disposal options
- Worker exposure concerns
- Environmental concern

Explain that the company manufactures french fries and is having a problem with their potato peel waste. Disposal requires manifesting, transport by a licensed potato peeler hauler and disposal at a permitted potato peeling disposal facility. Recently the plant received a Notice of Violation from the local potato peeling management regulators. The company has decided now to consider options for reducing their potato peel problem.

Have participants brainstorm suggestions for solutions to the company's problem while the facilitator records the ideas. Do this for about 5 minutes. After brainstorming, go back and classify each suggestion as source reduction, recycling, treatment or disposal. Briefly discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages to some of the ideas, particularly any advantages of source reduction options over other options.

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