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Incredible Edible Chemical landfill

Suggested Ingredients:


1. Obtain a container to use as the mold, such as a large Tupperware container.

2. Pour in a layer of jello and allow it to set. Remember, the first layer poured will be the top of the landfill, but will have the rest of the layers on top of it in the bowl.

3. Add root beer barrels, licorice swizzles, or any other materials to the layer when it is partially jelled.

4. Pour successive layers and add barrels. Allow mold to set.


After studying some of the issues involved in chemical waste in the United States today, it should be interesting to see what kinds of decisions we can make regarding disposal and treatment. I have constructed a model of a chemical landfill. Can you identify the liner? Notice the leachate seeping out. Let's see if we can eliminate this waste before the end of the period. I will now remove the liner so you may inspect the contents. (Explain that all materials are edible and list ingredients to the class.) Our edible landfill will represent all the chemical waste in the USA today. Proper treatment of the waste will be represented by equal share of the jello mold and consumes it, there will be none left at the end of the period. Whatever material remains will continue to be a problem for future generations.

Here are some examples of applications for real life using the model:

Incredible Edible Landfill chemical waste
mold liner
root beer barrels barrels of toxic waste
jello chemical sludge
iced blue lozenges aromatic, organic wastes
liquids formed leachate
eating the jello proper treatment
discarding the jello illegal treatment
extra credit for eating incentive

although the Incredible Edible Landfill is not aesthetic or appetizing, neither is the problem of chemical waste!

Adapted from The Incredible Edible Landfill by Rich Wagner, Wissahickon Sr. High School, Ambler, PA

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