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Water Conservation Activities

1. Flush Away:

There are approximately 5 gallons of water used each time the toilet is flushed. How much water does the average family flush away? Count each time the toilet is flushed to get a daily estimate for your home. Keep a record of daily flushes to get a weekly total. Multiply by 4 to get monthly total. Use these figures to make a bar graph.

2. Water Bucks:

Materials: 1/2 gal. plastic container with top cut off.
Small rocks/pebbles (handful)

Lift lid of toilet tank. Place plastic container weighted with rocks into water. Allow container to fill with water. Now count the daily number of flushes subtracting the 1/2 gallon from each flush. Keep a record for the week and find out how much water you have saved. Call your water company to get the cost of the water and estimate how much money you have saved.

3. Role Play: Precious Water

Public Service Commissioner and commission
Concerned Citizens - pro and con
Water Company representative(s) (pro)
Environmentalist group (pro)

Act out a public hearing debate over a large price rate increase in water. Assign a minimum of 2 students per group. Each group should present their opinions and/or information to substantiate their positions (pro or con).

4. Personal Water Consumption:

We use 65% of our water in the bathroom. In the laundry room, we use 15% of our water. We consume 10% of our water in the kitchen and the other 10% out of doors. Make a graph (pie, bar, or line) depicting water consumption in the home. Chart the consumption of water in your home by tracking daily usage. (i.e., How many times is the dishwasher, washing machine, shower, etc. used?)

5. Time For A Shower!

Waterproof watch with second hand
1 Gallon bucket

How long do you take to shower and how much water do you use in the shower? Keep a record. On the first day, take your shower, time it, record your time. On the second day, timing yourself while the water is on, thoroughly wet yourself with water. Turn the water off to soap down your body. Be sure to time how long it takes to rinse off. Compare the two day's measurement of running water time. How much time and water use did you save?

Record the amount of time it takes for your shower to fill a gallon of water into a bucket. This will help you determine the amount of water saved.

Time difference =
Time with water running (1st day)
Time without water running (2nd day)
Amount of gallons that flow in 1 second

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