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EPA Speaker's Bureau

Invite EPA into your classroom!

If you would like to have someone from EPA Region 7 make an environmental presentation to your group, organization or school, please contact our Speakers Bureau. You will need to provide us with the following information:

Date and Time of Event
Name of Group, Organization or School
Topic(s) for Presentation
Age/Grade/Interest of Participants
Number of Participants
Your Name
Your Mailing Address
Your Phone Number

Submit your request by email to r7actionline@epa.gov.

Please note that EPA Region 7 can only visit groups, organizations and schools within the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. EPA Region 7 makes every effort to offer speakers to share environmental messages, however, our ability to visit you on the date and time you request may be dependent upon a number of factors, including availability of EPA speakers and travel funding.

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