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A Case Study of Environmental, Health & Safety Issues Involving the Burlington, MA Public School System

"Tips, suggestions, and resources for investigating and resolving EHS issues in Schools"
prepared by
Todd H. Dresser, Environmental Engineer
formerly of Burlington Board of Health
EPA Point of Countact: Gary Bertram

Table of Contents


  1. Chemical management and usage (Summary)
  2. Asbestos management (Summary)
  3. Indoor air quality (Summary)
  4. Pesticide usage (Summary)
  5. Mercury management and exposure prevention (Summary)
  6. Radioactive materials (Summary)
  7. Fire prevention (Summary)
  8. Pollution prevention (Summary)
  9. Hazardous waste generation and management (Summary)
  10. Formaldehyde (Summary)
  11. Radon (Summary)
  12. Chemical fume hoods (Summary)
  13. Eye washes and deluge showers (Summary)
  14. Safety equipment (Summary)
  15. Hazards/issues by department (Summary)
  16. Spill and emergency response plans (Summary)
  17. Ceramic kilns (Summary)
  18. Underground storage tanks (Summary)
  19. Lasers in the classroom (Summary)
  20. Discharges to the sanitary drains (Summary)

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