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Virtual Environmental Lunch Footprint

The Virtual Environmental Lunch Footprint (VELF) allows the user to pack a simulated school lunch and view their environmental impact as a result of their lunch. The user selects food from a list of possible lunch items, and an impact of their choices on the environment is calculated.

Each individual environmental impact is expressed in hectares, in acres, and a footprint scale. The program offers suggestions to create a more environmentally friendly lunch, and can be printed for future reference.

Can you create a Virtual Environmental Lunch with a small Footprint?

System Requirements

IBM Compatible Computer
Windows 95/98

Installation Instructions

1. Download the file "VELFGame.ZIP" (10 Mb)
2. Unzip "VELFGame.ZIP" using a program such as WinZip.
3. Run file "Setup.exe" and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

Download VELF

Having problems downloading or installing VELF?

You may request a copy of VELF on CD by sending an e-mail request through our Feedback page.

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