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EMS Document Control and Records Management

ISO 14001
The requirements identified on this page are derived from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 standard for environmental management systems. Additional information on this standard can be obtained from their Website at www.iso.org/iso/home.htm Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

An organization must manage documents associated with the EMS in a manner that ensures they are easily identifiable; regularly reviewed and revised as necessary; available in current versions at all locations where they are needed; and promptly removed from service when obsolete. Similarly, records relevant to the EMS must be controlled in a manner that ensures they are properly collected, identified, indexed, filed, stored, and maintained. Records must also be retained in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and/or other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

Region 7 has developed a document control and records management procedure to meet the requirements stated above. Through this procedure, we created an EMS Manual to house the official versions of all EMS documents and maintain a comprehensive list of all current EMS documents, many of which are available as working copies on this Website. Records generated within the EMS are typically identified in the environmental management program documents, which also specify where they are maintained. If you have questions about the Region's EMS document control and records management practices, please contact the Region 7 Office of Public Affairs.

Region 7 SHEMS Operating Procedure :

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