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EMS Training

ISO 14001
The requirements identified on this page are derived from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 standard for environmental management systems. Additional information on this standard can be obtained from their Website at www.iso.org/iso/home.htm Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

An organization should ensure that all individuals who work for or on behalf of it are aware of the requirements of the EMS and the importance of adhering to the organization's environmental policy. These individuals should also be made aware of the organization's significant environmental aspects and resulting impacts, and how their work activities relate to them. Finally, they should be made aware of the benefits of improved environmental performance and the consequences of deviating from the EMS requirements.

Region 7 has developed a comprehensive procedure to ensure that all employees and on-site contractors and grantees are properly trained in EMS concepts. Through this procedure, we provide EMS general awareness training to all new employees and on-site contractors and grantees that introduces them to basic EMS concepts and how they are implemented in the Region's EMS. In addition, all employees and on-site contractors and grantees receive periodic EMS refresher training that reinforces the basic concepts and provides an update on EMS changes from the previous cycle. Finally, individuals who perform duties specifically related to the on-going maintenance of the management system (i.e., auditors and management program leads) receive periodic competency training related to those duties. If you have questions about the Region's EMS training program, please contact the Region 7 Office of Public Affairs.

Region 7 EMS Operating Procedure – EMS Awareness and Competence Training (PDF) (7 pp, 39K About PDF)

Region 7 Refresher Training (PDF) (10 pp, 868K About PDF)

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