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Environmental Policy

ISO 14001
The requirements identified on this page are derived from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 standard for environmental management systems. Additional information on this standard can be obtained from their Website at www.iso.org/iso/home.htm Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

An organization is required to develop an environmental policy statement that is specific to its mission, work activities, and environmental concerns unique to its location. The statement must be signed by the organization's senior management representative and must include a commitment to compliance with all legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, to pollution prevention, and to continual improvement of the EMS. The policy must be reviewed periodically (typically annually) and must be communicated to all employees.

The Region 7 environmental policy statement is the foundation of our management system and was signed by our senior staff to demonstrate their dedication to the EMS sustainment effort. In addition to the commitments to compliance, pollution prevention, and continual improvement, the Region 7 policy statement includes various commitments to achieve higher, long term levels of environmental performance; to be a leader in embracing the tenants of sustainability; and to empower our staff to engage in sustainable practices & principles in a variety of settings. If you have questions about the environmental policy statement, please contact the Region 7 Office of Public Affairs.

Region 7 Environmental Policy Statement (PDF) (1 pg, 363K About PDF)

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