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Bonne Terre, Missouri
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Before: Large-scale, deep mines, lead contamination.

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After: Business location of GWS Contractors and Mahurin Industries.

The Land Revitalization program in Region 7 is continuously developing land revitalization-related publications and announcements, as well as planning and participating in events focusing on various land revitalization projects and activities. From recent press releases and success stories to regional workshops and events, EPA offers a wide range of forums designed to support land revitalization efforts and disseminate related information.

Planning for the Future: A Reuse Planning Report for the Des Moines TCE Superfund Site DICO Property

This report summarizes all of the pertinent environmental and legal information related to the Des Moines TCE (trichloroethylene) Superfund Site, commonly known as DICO, which is located just south of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The report was written by EPA and an EPA contractor, in response to a request by the City of Des Moines. This former industrial site is presently privately owned and is undergoing a long-term remedy under CERCLA. It is located near property that is undergoing significant redevelopment, and the City of Des Moines has been approached by potential purchasers asking about the legal and environmental
status of the site. This report provides information that a potential buyer will need to understand
the steps necessary to undertake the long-term remedy and redevelop the site, along with providing
a potential reuse scenario.

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