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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 establishes national environmental policy promoting the enhancement of the environment. NEPA requires that federal agencies take into account the environmental impacts of federal decisions which could significantly affect the environment and consider reasonable alternatives to those actions. Under Section 309 of the Clean Air Act, EPA is required to review and publicly comment on the environmental impacts of all major federal actions. These comments are part of the public record. Region 7's comments are posted below and also on EPA's National EIS Database.

Glossary of Common NEPA Terms

Environmental Assessment (EA): A concise public document that a federal agency prepares under NEPA to provide sufficient evidence and analysis to determine whether a proposed agency action has the potential to cause significant environmental effects, which would require preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement. If this document and analysis find that a project is not likely to have significant impact, the agency will prepare a Finding of No Significant Impact. An EA generally includes the need for the proposed action and alternatives, their environmental impacts, and a listing of agencies and persons consulted.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): A detailed written statement that is required by Section 102(2)(C) of NEPA for a proposed major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human and natural environment. This document should include discussions of the purpose of and need for the action; alternatives; the affected environment; the environmental consequences of the proposed action; lists of preparers, agencies, organizations and persons to whom the statement is sent; an index; and appendices as necessary.

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI): A public document issued by a federal agency briefly presenting the reasons why an action for which the agency has prepared an Environmental Assessment will not have a significant effect on the human environment and, therefore, will not require preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement.

Region 7 Generated Documents

Project Name State Project Documents Public Comment Period Fiscal Year
None currently open        

EPA Region 7 Contacts

Larry Shepard
NEPA Reviewer
Waters (rivers, flood management, water resources) and Highways-Nebraska

Joe Summerlin
NEPA Reviewer
Air/Rail, Defense, Energy (nuclear, hydropower, solar, geothermal, wind, fossil fuels), Hazardous Materials, and Highways-Iowa

Amber Tucker
NEPA Reviewer
Forest/Grassland/Park Management Plans, Historic Preservation, Mining Operations, Prisons, Threatened/Endangered/Invasive Species, and Highways-Kansas

Jeff Robichaud
Deputy Director, Environmental Services Division
Highways-Missouri and All Other Non-Specified Actions

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