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Pollution Prevention Topic Collections

EPA Region 7 has several publications available at no cost to U.S. residents. The shear number of these publications can be overwhelming and intimidating. Region 7 has simplified the selection process for you by offering Pollution Prevention Topic Collections. Each Pollution Prevention Topic Collection contains a small selection of vital publications to provide you with the initial information you need to help you reduce waste, conserve resources and save money. Simply identify the Topic Collection(s) you would like to receive, fill in your name and mailing address and click on the "Order Selected Topic Collections" button.

- Building Tools, Energy Star Buildings and Green Lights Catalog of Products and Services
- Buy-Recycled Series: Construction Products - EPA Guidelines For Purchasing Building Insulation Containing Recovered Materials
- Introducing the Energy Star Buildings Program
- Resource Efficient Building: A Handbook For Building Owners, Designers and Project Managers
Energy Efficiency
- Energy Star Programs
- Heating and Cooling Your Home: Saving With Energy Star
- Introducing the Energy Star Buildings Program
- Saving With Energy Star
Metal Finishing
- Characterizing Risk at Metal Finishing Facilities: Meeting the Needs of All Stakeholders
- Metal Finishing Industry: Guides To Pollution Prevention
- Polluton Prevention Toolkit for Metal Finishers
- Living the Vision: Accomplishments of the National Metal Finishing Strategic Goals Program

Pollution Prevention
- An Organizational Guide to Pollution Prevention Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
- An Introduction To Environmental Accounting As A Business Management Tool
- Facility Pollution Prevention Guide Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
- Guidelines For Assessing the Quality of Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis
- Setting Up A Pollution Prevention Program

- Waste Prevention Pays Off: Companies Cut Waste In the Workplace

- Commercial Printing Industry: Guides To Pollution Prevention
- EPA's Design for the Environment Program: Partnerships For A Cleaner Future
- Guide To Cleaner Technologies: Alternatives To chlorinated Solvents For Cleaning and Degreasing
- Minimizing Pollution In cleaning and Degreasing Operations
- Waste Minimization In Metals Parts Cleaning
Vehicle Maintenance
- Automotive Repair Industry: Guide To Pollution Prevention
- Pollution Prevention Toolkit for Vehicle Maintenance


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