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Iowa Strategic Goals Program

Iowa Strategic Goals Program for Metal Finishers - Show Greater Profits Welcome to the Iowa Strategic Goals Program (ISGP) Web Page. Information on this page was developed by the ISGP stakeholders and is maintained by the ISGP Oversight Committee.
What Is The ISGP?
Program Description
Participant List
Performance Ladder
Sign Up! [PDF] (1 pp, 76 KB)
Reporting Form [PDF] (3 pp, 107 KB)
Benefit Request Forms
Join the Iowa SGP List Server
Request The ISGP CD
Brochure [PDF] ( 2 pp, 338 KB)


The Iowa Strategic Goals Program is a free, voluntary, multi-stakeholder program open to companies engaged in metal finishing and plating, and government agencies with responsibilities relating to metal finishing operations. It is also open to other entities - technical and financial assistance providers, and environmental and community groups - that can contribute to the achievement of the program's goals.

First and foremost, the program offers participants opportunities for improved communication with one another. Using existing resources, the program provides a more systematic means of disseminating information, identifying opportunities and tools, and addressing systemic issues relating to improved environmental performance within the metal finishing industry. Furthermore, it offers opportunities for metal finishers' environmental accomplishments to be recognized.

Program Description

Due to the size of the ISGP Program Description, the document is provided in two separate files.

Program Description [PDF] (17 pp, 215 KB)
Executive Summary
Program Development
Background: The National Strategic Goals Program
Overview: The Iowa Strategic Goals Program
     How The Program Works
     The ISGP Benefits Criteria
What Happens When You Sign Up For The ISGP?
Performance Ladder Placement
Regulatory Compliance
Performance Ladder
By-Laws of the ISGP Oversight Committee
Appendices [PDF] (45 pp, 650 KB)

Appendix A: SGP Goals
Appendix B: SGP Goal Calculation
Appendix C: Statement of Commitment Form
Appendix D: ISGP Worksheet
Appendix E: ISGP Listserver
Appendix F: EMS Definition
Appendix G: ISGP Factsheet
Appendix H: Resource Directory
Appendix I: EPA Region 7, IDNR, POTW and Technical 
     Service Provider Letters of Commitment
Appendix J: Summary of Pollution Control and Recycling  
     Tax Exemption
Appendix K: Service Provider Descriptions
Appendix L: Description of Select SGP Benefits
Appendix M: Benefit Request Forms

Participant List

Metal Finishers
Barrett Plating, Inc., Des Moines
Electro-Coatings, Inc., Cedar Rapids
General Electric, West Burlington
Lear Corporation, Iowa City
Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids


Goad Company
Ellisville, MO

Technical Assistance Providers

Iowa Waste Reduction Center
1005 Technology Parkway
Cedar Falls, IA  50613

Local Government

City of Cedar Rapids
Water Pollution Control Facility

State Government

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Wallace State Office Building
Des Moines, IA  50319

Federal Government
11201 Renner Blvd.
Lenexa, KS  66219

Benefit Request Forms

The ISGP partners offer a number of benefits to participants. Some of the higher level benefits must be requested by the participant.

Silver Level Benefit

Iowa SGP Request For Reduced POTW Monitoring [PDF] ( 2 pp, 57 KB)

Gold Level Benefit

Iowa SGP Request For Low Inspection Priority [PDF] ( 2 pp, 55 KB)

Join the Iowa SGP List Server

The ISGP listserver is a discussion forum for all persons participating in the ISGP. Discussions on this listserver focus on issues of interest to the metal finishing community in Iowa. This listserver is also used to post announcements of breaking news and upcoming events, such as workshops, regulatory guidance, new publications, and awards.

You may automatically subscribe or unsubscribe by sending an email to any of the following addresses. Note that you can leave blank both the subject line and the body of the message:


You may post a message for all subscribers to read by sending the e-mail to iowasgp@p2ric.org.


ISGP information and forms have been placed on a compact disk. The CD contains an easy to use menu and is compatible with most Windows based personal computers. ISGP participants and anyone interested in joining the ISGP may request a copy of the CD by sending a request to Gary Bertram at bertram.gary@epa.gov.

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