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Off the Shelf

Operations & Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

This section addresses chemical use and storage, occupant recycling and the architectural entries of the building. The focus of this section will be on the basic layout of the building, the choices made in that layout, and the ongoing commitment toward keeping the building's operations and maintenance environmentally friendly. The intent is to showcase the thought process that went into the decisions and choices made in this section.


All chemical storage and mixing areas for housekeeping products were designed and installed to allow for adequate and secure product storage. All locations have ample room for mixing concentrated chemicals. Drains are plumbed for the appropriate disposal of liquid waste products. Each location is operated under 10% negative pressure and equipped with separate outside venting to keep chemical fumes from spreading throughout adjacent areas.

In keeping with the "Off the Shelf" building theme all cleaning and mechanical chemicals used for building operations are environmentally preferable products where competitively priced. Material Safety Data Sheets are available and maintained on site for all the products in use.

Janitorial Closet


This multi-story building has a recycling collection and sorting room on every floor. The collection room is located next to the freight elevator for easy access and transfer of recycled material between floors.

The collection room allows for the easy sorting of white paper, mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, and aluminum cans. Organic waste and un-recyclable items will be disposed of separately. At least 80% of the building's waste-stream should be diverted by using these methods.


The architectural entries are designed to prevent undesirable air particles from entering the building. The building is designed to operate under 10% positive air pressure thus limiting infiltration. The entire return system is fully filtered to remove undesirable air particles.

Originally designed as a permanent grating "walk-off system", an easier to maintain stone floor with walk-off carpets was eventually utilized offering lower capital and operational costs. The carpets chosen used recycled rubber from tires.

West Entryway

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