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St. Louis Strategic Goals Program for Metal Finishers


The Missouri (St. Louis) SGP is a free, voluntary, multi-stakeholder program open to companies engaged in metal finishing and plating, and government agencies with responsibilities relating to metal finishing operations. It is also open to other entities - technical and financial assistance providers, and environmental and community groups - that can contribute to the achievement of the program's goals.

First and foremost, the program offers participants opportunities for improved communication with one another. Using existing resources, the program provides a more systematic means of disseminating information, identifying opportunities and tools, and addressing systemic issues relating to improved environmental performance within the metal finishing industry. Furthermore, it offers opportunities for metal finishers' environmental accomplishments to be recognized and, where possible, for consideration of how to relieve regulatory burdens on top-performing facilities.

This program was designed to complement the Missouri Environmental Management and Partnership (MEMP) and rewards environmental stewardship in many of the same ways as the State of Missouri has already conceived.

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