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St. Louis Strategic Goals Program for Metal Finishers

Oversight Committee

The St. Louis SGP is designed to require some administration at BOTH the national level AND the regional/state level. In the early stages, the administrative "burden" is national. The sign-up process is centralized and worksheet submittal activities are managed by the National Metal Finishing Resource Center (NMFRC).

Throughout the life of the program, all participants should meet at least annually to monitor the success of the program and improve upon it. These activities should not be confused by the true management of the St. Louis SGP which falls largely to the OC. The OC is responsible for the overall well being of the program, and for review and placement of facilities on the ladder. The full range of OC tasks and responsibilities include:

1. Evolution of the program
2. Development of bylaws
3. Placement of participants on ladder
4. Movement of participants on ladder
5. Ensuring the distribution of benefits
6. Removal of barriers to success
7. Convening subcommittees where necessary
8. Convening annual meetings of all participants (It was suggested that the        participants all meet twice for the first year.)

At all times, participants are welcome to get involved in the operations and oversight of the program. The group holds open meetings at which it sets program policy. Membership is chosen by the constituency-based vote of participant groups. The "term of office" will be two years. In an effort to ensure all knowledge is not lost every two years, the terms are to be staggered. Membership and representation can and should be modified during the life of the program.

Oversight Committee Members

Name & Organization Term of Office
Gary Bertram, U.S. EPA 7/03 - 6/05
Gene Nickel, Missouri DNR 7/04 - 6/06
Fabian Grabski, St. Louis MSD 7/03 - 6/05
Don Scowden, Sullivan Precision Metal Finishing 7/04 - 6/06
Pat Gleason 7/03 - 6/05

of the

Roles and Activities

The activities of the Oversight Committee (OC) will be to:

  Refine the Missouri St. Louis SGP as necessary, consistent with the letter and the spirit of the process;
       Place facilities on the performance ladder and move them up or down over time;
       Perform annual reviews of a facility's status on the ladder;
       Ensure that benefits are distributed appropriately, as per the performance ladder;
       Work to remove barriers to the success of the St. Louis SGP;
       Convene subcommittees where necessary;
       Convene annual meetings of all St. Louis SGP participants; and,
       Other duties as they arise.

OC Representatives

A. Composition of Committee

A balanced OC will be comprised of representatives from each of the following groups:

       Federal - US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);
       State - Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR);
       Local POTW - Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD);
       Industry (two representatives);

B. Terms of Office of Members

Terms of office will be two years starting on July 1, with terms to be staggered so that two members are elected one year, and three members are elected the following year. Each representative may appoint an alternate. The alternate will vote only in place of the representative he/she replaces.

C. Election of Committee Members and Officers

1. The OC will be a self-perpetuating committee. The committee will nominate representatives to fill vacant positions or positions for which current members' terms are coming to an end. Election will be by majority of current committee members.

2. The OC will establish a Chair and a Co-Chair. Terms of office will be for one year, starting on July 1. Election procedures will be the same as for committee members.

Operating Principles of the OC

A. Meetings

1. The OC will meet at least semi-annually or as necessary.

2. An OC meeting quorum will consist of at least 3 voting members; with one of the three being either the Chair or co-Chair.

3. OC meetings will be open to the public. Industries may attend if they so desire, or if they are asked to attend by the Panel. Industry attendance may be necessary in order to verify some of the data on the worksheets.

4. The OC will prepare meeting notes for each meeting.

B. Applications to the OC

1. St. Louis SGP participants must apply to the OC for placement on the ladder, as described in the Program Description. Application must be made by May 1 of each year.

2. The OC will verify and award appropriate placement on the ladder of St. Louis SGP participants, with data verified as described in the Program Description. Submissions received after May 1 will be considered the following year.

3. The OC will hold a meeting no later than June 15, to place facilities on the ladder.

4. Any awards to be granted will be based on the calendar year.

5. Benefits will apply from July 1 to June 30.

C. OC Voting and Decisions

1. OC members can vote on moving a company on, up, or off the ladder. Any OC member employed by a facility that is being reviewed must recuse him/herself when voting on any issue where there is a conflict or an appearance of a conflict of interest.

2. OC deliberations may be submitted to the St. Louis SGP membership for recommendation back to the OC for an additional review.

3. The OC may and can involve other groups when assistance and/or information is needed or requested. Such groups may include but not be limited to EPA staff, MDNR staff, and other regulatory agencies. These groups shall not have voting rights with respect to a company's movement on the ladder.

4. OC members will vote when items of question are to be answered (e.g. placing a facility on, or moving a facility up or off the ladder). Outcomes will be based on a majority decision, but a minimum of 3 votes is necessary to approve or make a final decision.

5. The OC will utilize the annual reports submitted to the NMFRC by SGP participants, along with compliance data from EPA, MDNR, and the appropriate local regulatory agencies when determining to move a facility on, up or off the ladder.

D. OC Reporting to Stakeholders Group

1. The OC Chair or Co-Chair shall report to the St. Louis SGP membership at every St. Louis SGP meeting.

2. Any by-laws or operating principles established and/or amended by the OC shall be noted during the St. Louis SGP meetings.

3. The OC may refine the St. Louis SGP as necessary. All such changes shall be noted during St. Louis SGP meetings.

E. Contacts

Applications and/or questions regarding application for placement on the ladder, the OC, the St. Louis SGP or these by-laws may be directed to the Chair or Co-Chair of the OC.

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