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St. Louis Strategic Goals Program for Metal Finishers

Join the St. Louis SGP List Server


This listserver is being provided to St. Louis SGP participants as a benefit of participating in the SGP and functions as a discussion forum for the participants. Discussions on this listserver focus on issues of interest to the metal finishing community in Missouri. This listserver is also used to post announcements of upcoming and recent events, such as workshops, regulatory guidance, new publications, and awards.

"SGP@p2ric.org" acts as a message redirector for a group of subscribers. A message posted by any member automatically transmits to every other subscriber. The service is free, and for the time being is available to all SGP participants who wish to subscribe.


The Region 7 SGP listserver was established as a service to SGP participants and those assisting in the development of SGP efforts within Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. The purpose of this listserver is to share information of interest to the metal finishing community between SGP participants, POTWs, states and EPA in an effort to assist the metal finishers achieve their SGP goals.


Subscribers are typically Strategic Goals Program (SGP) participants in Missouri. Please encourage broader participation by forwarding this message to any SGP peers who you think would be interested in subscribing to the list. A list of the current subscribers is available to list members. The list manager will provide a list of subscribers upon request from any subscriber. The list will include name, organization and e-mail address only. This list should only be used for informational purposes.


"SGP@p2ric.org" is administered by the Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (P2RIC.org).

P2RIC administers, but does not moderate the list discussion. The list leader supervising content for suitability is currently:
Gary Bertram, 913-551-7533. Please send any questions or comments about the list management to Rick Yoder. Technical problems should be addressed to contact@p2ric.org.


Please do not send subscribe and unsubscribe messages to the "SGP@p2ric.org" list as they go out to all subscribers.

You may automatically unsubscribe by sending an email to any of the following addresses. Note that you can leave blank both the subject line and the body of the message:


Or you may send a subscription request to contact@p2ric.org or to Gary Bertram. P2RIC staff will subscribe or unsubscribe you after they receive approval from Gary.


To post a message for all subscribers to read, send e-mail to "SGP@p2ric.org".

Personal messages or those requesting materials should be sent directly to the author. Any information for the subscription list should be sent to the entire list "SGP@p2ric.org".

Please review our etiquette suggestions Exit EPA Click for Disclaimerfor other considerations on posting messages.

Any person sending a message to this list retains the copyright to it. By sending the message, you grant to the list custodian permission to distribute copies of the message to other list members, to store archival copies of the message, and to make the archival copies available to the Internet community at large. You also grant to other list members the right to quote your message in part or in total as a part of their replies sent back to the list.


Note that you can change how you receive the mail to a "digest" or "index" version instead of receiving email as it is sent, the default mode. To make the following changes, send any of the respective messages to lyris@hhwlist.org

set SGP digest

set SGP index

set SGP nomail

RESUMING MAIL FROM THE LIST: (command depends on your preference)
set SGP mail
set SGP digest
set SGP index


This mail list uses Lyris software. The general help information is available to you at http://lunar.lyris.com/help/index.html Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

List serve FAQs - http://www.p2ric.org/ Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

List serve Archives - http://www.p2ric.org/ Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

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