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33/50 Program

Companies that report using or releasing one or more of the 17 chemicals targeted by the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) were encouraged by EPA to consider joining the 33/50 Program. Participation was simple: company submited a letter to EPA stating the intention to participate and outlining its reduction targets and strategies. The 33/50 Program included 1,300 parent companies operating about 6000 facilities in the United States. Many company profiles are available. These profiles summarize experiences businesses have had with the 33/50 Program. The documents outline the implementation of the 33/50 Program at each company, with an emphasis on benefits of participation and the achievements of each company in reducing their priority chemical releases and transfers. The program successfully met its goal and reduced the 17 chemical emissions by more than 750,000,000 pounds by the end of 1995.

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 33/50 Program Homepage

 Phone: 202-260-6907

 EPA Region 7 Information and Contacts

 For more information on activities ongoing within EPA Region 7 (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska), contact:

Chet McLaughlin
Phone: 913-551-7666 

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