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Underground and Above Ground Storage Tanks

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Storage Tanks and Oil Pollution Contacts

EPA Region 7

You may also reach these contacts toll-free at 1-800-223-0425.

Contact Title Phone Email
Margaret Stockdale Branch Chief 913-551-7936 stockdale.margaret@epa.gov
Mark Aaron
Environmental Scientist
Inspector (UST and SPCC), Oil Compliance Officer, Tribal SPCC 913-551-7205 aaron.mark@epa.gov
Bjorn Brinkman
Environmental Engineer
Inspector (UST and SPCC), Tribal UST 913-551-7761 brinkman.bjorn@epa.gov
Evon Brown
Support Staff
Timekeeping 913-551-7545 brown.evon@epa.gov
Whitney Bynum
Environmental Engineer
Inspector (UST and SPCC), UST Compliance Officer 913-551-7735 bynum.whitney@epa.gov
Bruce Canova
Senior Environmental Employee
SPCC Inspector 913-551-7888 canova.bruce@epa.gov
Doug Drouare
Environmental Scientist
Missouri UST State Coordinator, Tribal Program Coordinator, Tribal LUST, Brownfields/Land Revitalization Liaison 913-551-7299 drouare.douglas@epa.gov
Linda Garwood
Environmental Protection Specialist
Kansas UST State Coordinator, Grants Management, UST Compliance Officer 913-551-7268 garwood.linda@epa.gov
Alan Hancock
Environmental Engineer
SPCC Program Lead, SPCC Outreach, Inspector (SPCC and UST) 913-551-7647 hancock.alan@epa.gov
Paula Higbee
Environmental Protection Specialist
Oil Compliance Officer, Grants Management 913-551-7028 higbee.paula@epa.gov
Milady Peters
Support Staff
Correspondence 913-551-7168 peters.milady@epa.gov
Michael Pomes
Environmental Scientist
Biofuels Coordinator, Energy Policy Act Lead, Iowa UST State Coordinator 913-551-7216 pomes.michael@epa.gov
Wilfredo Rosado-Chaparro
Environmental Scientist
UST Regional Program Manager, UST Compliance Officer, Nebraska UST State Coordinator, Tribal LUST 913-551-7944 rosado-chaparro.wilfredo@epa.gov

Region 7 States

Iowa - www.iowadnr.gov Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
Elaine Dousky, UST and LUST Section Supervisor, 515.281.8011, elaine.douskey@dnr.state.ia.us
Mel Pins, Executive Officer, Brownfield Redevelopment Program, 515.281.8489, mel.pins@dnr.state.ia.us
Paul Nelson, UST/LUST Program Contact, 515.281.8779, paul.nelson@dnr.state.ia.us
Scott Schiedel, AonRisk Services (Insurance Fund), 515.267.9101, scott_schiedel@aon.com

Kansas - www.kdhe.state.ks.us Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
Randy Carlson, Section Chief, Storage Tank Section, 785.296.1684, rcarlson@kdheks.gov
Roger Boeken, Unit Chief, Leaking Underground Storage Tank Investigation Unit, Storage Tank Section, 785.296.1674, rboeken@kdheks.gov
Marcus Meerian, Unit Chief, Preventative Unit, Storage Tank Section, 785.296.6372, mmeerian@kdheks.gov
Gary Richardson, Petroleum Storage Tank Release Trust Fund, Preventative Unit, Storage Tank Section, 785.296.1677, grichardson@kdheks.gov
Maggie Weiser, Brownfields Coordinator, 785.296.5519, mweiser@kdheks.gov

Missouri - http://www.dnr.mo.gov/ Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
Ken Koons, Tanks Section Chief, Hazardous Waste Program, (573) 751-6822, ken.koon@dnr.mo.gov
Jim Gilstrap, Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Section, (573) 522-8139 or (573) 526-8913, jim.gilstrap@dnr.mo.gov
Mike Martin, Petroleum Storage Tanks Section Chief, 573.526.2417, mike.martin@dnr.mo.gov
Kathy Flippin, Enforcement Section Chief, 573.751.1718, kathy.flippin@dnr.mo.gov
Carol Eighmey, Director, Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund, 573.522.2352, pstif@sprintmail.com, (Williams & Co 800.765.2765)

Nebraska - www.deq.state.ne.us Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
David Chambers, NDEQ Petroleum Remediation Section Supervisor, 402.471.4258, david.chambers@nebraska.gov [David supervises the LUST Corrective Action Program and State Reimbursement (insurance) Title 200 fund]
Clark Conklin, Chief Deputy, Nebraska State Fire Marshal (NSFM), Fuels Division, 402.471.9465, clark.conklin@nebraska.gov

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