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What is a CAFO Inspection in Region 7?

aerial photo of a feeding operationEPA inspects concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to evaluate their compliance with federal environmental laws. Poorly managed facilities have the potential to pollute the nation's rivers, lakes, streams, and groundwater.

The pollution can come from any number of sources, including direct runoff from the feeding operations; overflows or seepage from waste retention structures; or from over-application or improper application of liquid wastes or manure to fields and crop land.

The fact sheet attached below explains what you can expect during an EPA inspection. It describes what a typical inspector will be looking for and what may happen afterwards. Not all inspections are the same. Yours will depend on what kind of operation you have, and on EPA's reason for doing the inspection. The inspection form and bio-security information are also attached below.

Your state environmental agency may also inspect your facility for compliance with state regulations as well as federal requirements.

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