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Region 1: EPA New England


Summer Squash Field, Hadley, Mass.
Fresh Picked Produce

The six most Northeastern states boast a vibrant, diverse and valued agricultural sector. Farming in New England is defined by our climate: a short but intense growing season; our geography: which ranges from sandy coastal areas to rocky hillsides and mountains; and our population density in urban areas.

New England's farms help maintain the unique character of this region with picturesque rural towns and landscapes. Spread throughout the New England states are nearly 28,000 farms, most of which are independently owned and operated. New England farmers produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and animal products - notably dairy products - which are in high demand by both individual consumers as well as by food service businesses.

New Englanders place a premium on locally grown fruits and vegetables. Our agricultural landscape is dotted by farm stands that market fresh produce directly to the consumer.

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