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Region 1: EPA New England

Sources of Hydrocarbon and NOx Emissions in New England

Ground-level ozone is formed when volatile organic compounds (VOCs), also known as hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides (NOx) interact in the presence of sunlight. Sources of VOC and NOx emissions include:

  • large industry such as chemical manufacturers, and combustion sources such as power plants burning fossil fuels;
  • small industry such as gasoline-dispensing facilities, autobody paint shops, and print shops;
  • automobiles, trucks and buses; and
  • off-road engines such as aircraft, locomotives, construction euipment and gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment.

The pie charts below illustrate the contribution of each source category to the total daily VOC and NOx emissions in New England. These charts were created using information from the 2008 emissions inventories submitted by each state in New England. Click on each chart for larger image.

Pie Chart of 2008 VOC Emissions in New England

Pie Chart of 2008 Nox Emissions in New England

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